Pictures from the Advanced Workshop "Using Acrylics to Create Encaustic Effects"

First off I 'd like to apologize to all my advanced students who took the thick and layered - creating encaustic effects with acrylics workshops both this past October 2011 and in May/June 2011. I was sorting through files, photographs and blogs between christmas and new years and noticed that I had never posted these. My apologies.

To new or prospective students, these are photos from inside this workshop and would give you a great sense of what you would do, learn, and experience inside the "Using Acrylics to Create Encaustic Effects" workshop . Keep in mind that every workshop varies a little as I like to keep things interesting and am constantly improving them! Enjoy!

Embedding heavier objects - such as old chinese coins - into mixed media paintings.

The demo table - so much stuff, so much fun!

Taking notes, asking questions, watching Deb throw paint and mediums around!

Deb sanding acrylic p aints and mediums with an electric sander.

Going outside to talk about using an electric sander with acrylic paints and mediums.

Exploring mark making with different shapes, lines, and with both adding and removing paint.

Buttering on a thick opaque layer over a ground.

The girls go at one of my paintings, overcoming fears and just going for it!

Making acrylics paint stay wet longer with retarder.

Using GOLDEN absorbent ground.

Adding a clear transparent textured layer using regular gel.

An example of a painting using various different opaque, transparent, and translucent mediums to create depth, texture and interesting effects.

Seeing how light moulding paste can hold stencil shapes so well.

working with small pieces can be a great way to get to play with mediums.

Adding layers extended with water and gloss polymer medium.
Liquid acrylics work best for this process. Adding water increases the flow of the paints.

Creating a textured ground using Liquitex super heavy gesso,
and then adding glaze layers over top.

Dripping layers. So much fun!

Pouring clear polymer gloss medium right on top of the painting.

Using a putty knife to apply thick opaque super heavy gesso.

Applying a thin layer of glaze onto the dried textured ground. GOLDEN liquid acrylics works best for this!

A beautiful thickly painted under layer with some etching marks in it. Love this green colour!

Amanda enjoying the process! The green seemed to be very popular with this particular workshop!

So much fun - mixing paint and applying thick layers and scratching back into them.

Working away!

Everyone seemed to be working on green paintings for a while during this workshop!

Our fantastic and very enthusiastic father-son duo painting away!

Beautiful etch marks textures into that first thick opaque layer. Two more layers to go!

Working away!

Paintings on panel put by the fire and fan to dry.

Fran and Nicole really enjoying the process.

Deb priming a board with GAC 100 to prevent SID ( support induced discolouration)

GAC 100 - a mixed media painter's best friend. Use it to prime masonite, metal, wood or plastic. Use as a clear gesso. Use in between layers to add tooth on hard to adhere to materials such as pouring medium, self leveling clear tar gel and polymer gloss medium.

Student painting

Registration has now started for the next advanced workshop....


Thick, Layered & Encaustic-like Abstract Paintings. How to Build thick layers with Acrylic Mediums.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday February 25 & 26th, 9 AM - 4 PM. VANCOUVER , BC. TWO DAYS.

Registration: (604) 736-5111

Cost: $375.

Interview from Macedonian Art Student

Recently, via Facebook Sasho Ackovski from Macedonia contacted me and asked me a few question about being a professional artist. First, here is a little about Sacho and what he is doing with respect to his art and studies ...

"Hi Deb...firstly I want to thank you for your answers, it will be a great help for may essay. I will use this answers for my exam in history of art, I should write a short essay about " what conditions must to be done if you want t o be a free artist (professional artist)" I intend to make comparison of conditions in my country- Macedonia with conditions from other countries if I get response from other artists. This essay is a part of larger project which we need to do with my colleagues, we should explore the relations between artist, audience and institutions. My task is "Free artist"...a kind of institutional critique.
The essay will not be published in media , it will be used only for a personal purpose and if you allow me your name will be mentioned in the essay. If you are interested in I will send you a finished version.
I found you accidentally on net, when I looking for an idea to make some painting and I saw some of your paintings….and than I sand you a friend request……
I live in Skopje the capital city of Macedonia,I am born in 15.07. 1972. I have finished high school of economy. Now I am a student faculty of fine arts in Skopje “St. Ciryl and Metodius”. This is my final year of study, I will graduate in June as a “Painter with directions- conservations and restoration”. I have several group exhibitions and I hope that my solo exhibition will happen next summer. Except studying I am working a part time as a waiter in a hotel “Aleksandar palace” to pay for my study. My hobby is playing a guitar."

I thought I would share this with you as some of you may be interested in his questions and my answers.

1. How many solo exhibition you need to get status as a professional artist ?There is no set number of exhibition you have to have that I know of. But if you are applying for a certain competition or status (ex. I am an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists which gives me SCA status) they might sometime ask that you have done 'X' number of show before you can submit to them.

2. Is it necessary some kind of art education ? Many artists that I work with and have mentored with have no formal art education. Many of my contemporaries also have plenty of art education -- BA, MFA, pHD. It varies. Education does not = success.

3. Do professional artists have any support by institution,state, museums and galleries?It's going to be different in every country. For example, in Canada you can apply for grants through the Canada ARts Council ( government funded). When I lived in California USA, there were many private grants available. There are programs and funding available through museums and so on but I don't have much knowledge of them.

4. Does he pay taxes ? Yes, when you are earning money as an artist it is like any other business, you must declare your income and pay taxes.

5. Some information about paying health and pension insurance and pension. Basically you are considered a sole proprietor/self employed so you have to look after all of these things for yourself.

6. Is it possible financially to survive as a free artist or you need extra job ? Most artist have another job, but, it is possible - I work solely as an artist and support myself from the sales of my fine art and my workshops. I don't have another job. :)

7. Which term you use for- free artist ? Professional artist. for me, that means someone who is making money from their art. As opposed to a hobbiest.

8. Few things that you do not like about work of institution, museums and galleries? Basically as soon as you start working with them ( museums, galleries, etc) you have to enter into an agreement in which you must abide by their rules. Some galleries won't let you be shown at other galleries. Some galleries may take a % of sales income if you sell an art piece directly to a collector. Some galleries force you to charge the same prices as their gallery at your open studio show and other shows. The list goes on.... Each artist has to decide if the agreement is worth it for them.

9. By the way I like your style of painting... Thank you

Hot off the press: BC Artists 3rd Edition Book -- Just in time for Xmas

This could make a nice last minute christmas gift to inspire an artist in your life... .

Artists of British Columbia, Volume 3, Editor is Leighdon Studio Gallery/ Jane Richardson. ISBN 978-0-9783296-8-6. Soft cover. 112 pages, 9” x 9”. Published January 1, 2012. $19.95

This book, the third volume in the Artist of British Columbia book series, included information about thirty-nine British Columbia artists with sixty-five colour reproductions of their work. These artists are different from those who have already appeared in Volumes 1 and 2.

Artwork presented includes paintings (acrylic, oil, watercolour, and mixed media/collage) conté and graphite drawings, as well as hand-painted silk works, Chigiri-é, digital merged media, photography, and Raku ceramic sculpture.

Featured artists include Appleby, Argyros, Balma, Bernard, Bilodeau, Bruno, Chaney, Clark, Desjardins, Eisenbock, Faessler, Fogell, Gavel, Greig, Gunnars, Hill, Jaxon, King, Maurus, Maximchuk, McLennan, Mithrush, Mohr, Muma, Nichols, Osterlind, Pehme, Pistak, Roddie, Salemink-Roos, Scharback, Schmidt, Simpson, Stewart, Strong, Tiernan, Varney, Wade, Ward.

Contact the Publisher for more information:

Jane Richardson

Leighdon Studio Gallery


in Sechelt 1-604-740-0315

Collage Creations Workshop - PHotos!

The end of November marked the first Collage Creations workshop to run. We had a small group and enjoyed my home studio with the beautiful view of east vancouver - lots of light- and each participant had their own table to spread out and make a beautiful creative messes! Here's a look of what we did...

Yarn, collage papers, bicycles, horses ... no limit collage art!

We practiced gold leaf. Here's my gold leaf moon on a practice piece.

Beautiful messes of art in process. Love all the colours, textures and papers!

We made unique hand made journal covers from the white craft paper that covered our tables during the weekend and took our spills and drips.

Stained tissue papers, split ink, stamping...
Staining with india ink and acrylic inks

Our letters and lazertran project...layers of paint, old letters, gel medium, inks, and special image printed on clear lazertran paper as a focal point for the collage project.

My letteres project in process.
Dipping the dry printed image on lazertran paper into warm water to let the back peel off.

Hannah soaking her lazertran paper (warm water)

The start of a stained tissue paper colllage with inda ink and stamps.

Split ink technique on hot press paper with stained tissue papers using liquid acrylics.

Debbie hard at work/play.

A myriad of collage and round papers ready for use.

Full view of studio.

Deb's tissue paper collage piece in process. Rocks are so useful to prevent the light tissue paper pieces from blowing away!

Hannah working away.

Using the brayer to roll on thin scattered layers of paint and create beautiful effects.

Watching Deb demo.

Integrating old Little Gems from the Energizing and Experimental workshop into new collage work!

So much fun with many layers and adding gold paint pen embellishments to add some zing!

Hand printed words and PITT pen india ink scribblings added to layers of collage.

Want to do it? Next workshop runs in March 2012. details at -->workshops. "Collage Creations" see you then.

Montessori kids visit the studio!

In November this year a wonderful group of grade 6/7 kids from North Star Montessori Schoolin North Vancouver came to visit my studio/home and to do some abstract painting. They were in process of organizing and fundraising for an upcoming trip to New York to visit the UN. The plan was to paint some abstract paintings and auction them off to their parents to raise funds for the trip.

The group were a delight to have and seemed to really enjoy exploring the studio, abstract painting, and goofing off! My favorite part? The girls giving me big hugs on their way out! Love you guys!
We integrated water soluble graphite pencils into our abstract paintings.

On the left: dry light moulding paste overlain with charcoal. On the right charcoal was rubbed over dry acrylics
Busy working!


Hannah in her painting groove. We did some dancing too. Great fun!

In the foreground: stamping with foam stamps using basic acrylics.

Deb talking about abstract painting principles and pulling their paintings together. These kids were great listeners!

Hard at play!

Liam dissolves rubbing alcohol onto wet turquoise acrylic paint.

Using sea sponges.
Dripping, scraping, painting, putting on, removing. Busy bees at work.

Every one enjoyed spraying rubbing alcohol onto their wet acrylic paintings
to create neat effects.


Up close. Love those little hands.

Using the back of our paint brushes to add scrape lines into our paintings.

Mixing paints with palette knife to create that right hue for her painting.

Creative Inspiration: using Clear Tar Gel

Here's a small easy little project you which will give you a super cool little final product that
looks like encaustic art ( wax painting) and will give you experience using clear tar gel and self leveling clear tar gel. You can do one step at a time in less than five minutes, then put the project aside and go to work/school/ live your life....come back and after 5 steps and lots of in between drying time, you'll be there!

Here's what you'll need to set up:
  1. clear tar gel in a squeeze bottle
  2. self leveling clear tag gel ( and a spoon to scoop it out)

  3. a small canvas or wood board (3" x 3" or so)
  4. A heavy body acrylic paint - colour of your choice (brush to put it on)
  5. Rubbing alcohol and a small piece of sand paper
  6. water bucket and paper towels

step 1. Start by painting your little canvas/board the colour of your choice. If you are using heavy body acrylic paints, put this layer on thick so the colour is opaque. let it dry.

step 2. Once the under layer of acrylic is dry, using your squeeze bottle, put down some drops or lines or shapes of clear tar gel. Keep in mind that wherever you choose to put the clear tar gel the colour under neath is will be preserved in the process of this project. Let it dry overnight.

step 3. Once the paint and clear tar gel layer is dry, go at it with your rubbing alcohol and sand paper. Some of the paint from your first layer will come off and you will create a warn out mottled effects. Notice that you can't remove the clear tar gel so the colour under neath that will stay in tact.

step 4. (Optional step.) If you want to you could add a found object or collage to your little

painting at this point. Adhere paper with soft gel gloss. Adhere heavier found objects with regular or heavy gel. Let it dry.

step 5. Your final step. Now smother the entire little painting with self leveling clear tar gel. This is a beautiful way to integrate all your layers as well if you chose to add an object or paper it will make them look like they are embed in wax - looks super cool. Let it dry overnight.

Have fun and enjoy the process!

If you enjoyed this process and would love to learn more things like this, you might enjoy:Thick,

Layered & Encaustic-like Abstract Paintings: How to Build Thick layers with Acrylic Mediums. (2 DAY WORKSHOP) More details here:

a huge post-CRAWL Thank you!

Thank you so much for everyone that stopped by the studio this last weekend for the 2011 East End Culture Crawl. In total at the ARC we had 2, 400 visitors and I want to give everyone so much for credit for walking up those stairs on Sunday when the elevators broke! Thank you!

I also especially want to thank Jeffrey Boone for stopping by and for facilitating the studio interview for a number of us artist at the ARC with Novus TV. ( (

Also a heart felt thank you to my dear friends Mir whom brought me lunch and Tim Sullivan who hung out with me pretty much all of Sunday so I could take breathers, eat, and go see other studios - thank you Tim!

and last but by no means least a HUGE thank you to Bill Chaney for organizing, packing and shipping up my propanels in time for this show. The panels made the show and it's all thank you to Bill - THANK YOU!!!

2011 Culture Crawl original art collectors of Deb Chaney's work - Thank you!

a big pre-CRAWL Thank you

This upcoming Culture Crawl show (Nov. 18, 19 & 20th) would not be possible without the help of many people. To start I want to thank my parents, Rob and Margaret Bear for helping raise Ruthie like their own daughter. Without your help I would not be able to do what I do – Thank you. I love you!

I am eternally grateful to my neighbors. For the men that pulled together and built the loft you will see when you visit my new home/studio (#704, 1701 Powell St) -Thomas Hughes, Mir Agol and Darcy Davis of The ARC. I thank you for your time, effort and kindness. Rena and Thomasz for every cup of tea, every meal, and being there when I needed an ear to bend – Thank you. Janet Sadel for our collaborative breakfasts and dinners - I’m always grateful to be fed - thank you!

To all my workshop participants, private students, and community center students – thank you for showing up, for your enthusiasm, and for telling you friends about my workshops.

Thank You to all my art collectors…To everyone that made it to my open studio at the CRAWL last year and at AIOM earlier this year. Especially Krisse and Jen and Volution Salon in Kits for hosing my best show ever. Thank you ALL for making an investment with my work.

Thank you Guy Thornburn and all the staff at Embers Build a Business program who have supported me in creating my dream. Melanie Buffel for six months of amazing money coaching.

THANK YOU Kiona Hartl for your inspiring friendship. Lisa Penz for always raising the bar and inspiring and motivating me. Trista Galbraith for supportive phone calls, Misty Hogan for sweet FB posts, Lyza Loo for being there. Thank you Kim Boivin for helping me create a better me every week, Dr. Judith Bush for so much support, Theresa Ross & Mary Ayles for stepping up, Darcy at POKE Community Acupuncture for all your help and support.

And to every one in my life that brings love, light, support, food, hot tea, warm hugs and support - thank you!

Upcoming Art Show & Sale - Home Studio Event! November 18, 19, & 20th

November 18, 19 & 20th, 2011 East Vancouver Culture Crawl Event – Deb Chaney Open Studio & Art Sale

Once in a while I receive and Email from a collector, a fellow artist, friend, or social media or blog follower asking me what I’m up to and when my next event it. First off, I make a point of posting all my events (what I’m up to) on my website under “events” so if you’re wondering when can I visit Deb’s studio or meet with her, this is the page for you. If you don’t feel like checking periodically back with my website (I don’t blame you, I’m busy too) note, that you can get this blog directly feeded into your Email there is a sign up thingo on the right hand side of the writing à (over there) you just put in your Emai address and press the button and it should enable you to do this.

The next “big” thing is the annual East End Culture Crawl which happens every year in East Vancouver whereby over 350 artists of all genres – and I mean everything from performance art to hand made purses to woodwork to abstract art - open their studios

This November 18th, 19th and 20th, 2011 will be particularly special as my second Culture Crawl but my first time I will be opening my home and live/work studio at the ARC ( Artist Resource Center).

The ARC is a very special building with over 80 live/work studios of artists. I don’t know everyone in the building (yet) but I can tell you that everyone I do know thus far is special, talented and a pleasure to know and inspiring to be around. The nice thing abut the ARC building is that often during the Culture Crawl is pours with rain and if you come and visit us you will be able to see many artist and many different styles of artwork under one roof. Ah yes, staying dry and warm is a nice option!

So here’s the skinny: Opening Night: Friday November 18th from 5-10 PM. If you’re a party type person I’m sure you will be able to find that scene or more than one of the studios. My doors will be open and you are welcome to drop by that night, especially if you’re a collector of mine and you want first dibs at the new abstract art pieces. Or you want to touch base and say hi. Please note that my studio won’t be a party scene though.

Open Studio and Art Sale: Saturday November 19th 11 am - 5 PM

Sunday November 20th 11 am - 5 PM. Both days I’ll be open and welcome you in my home studio. Again you know you’re coming to purchase art, first come first serve so get here early.

Address and map to get to the studio….

The Arc Live/Work Studios

Studio # 704

1701 Powell Street

Vancouver, BC

V5L 5C9

google map link

See you in November. Best, Deb.

Creative Inspiration: A new way to quick-start abstract painting

Creative Inspiration: 10 minute mark making & abstract painting!

I’ve decided to include a new item to my blog I will call “Creative Inspiration”. This blog write up will be dedicated to giving you something inspiring to support you in your art and creativity. Often it'll be something you can do or try.

Today I’d like to share with you a really fun 10 minute abstract painting practice piece you can do easily and quickly.

If you have taken a workshop with me or planning to in the future, you’ll know that I am big on practicing painting with little paintings, I call Little Gems.

These pieces are all about getting you into your groove, allowing for mistakes, working with ideas in a small way and simply getting starter – which can often be the biggest hurdle.

So, let’s get started.

Materials. 3 pieces of paper. 9 x 12” size is good. Paper that is labeled for use for acrylics or a heavier watercolor paper (90 pounds or heavier) this would work fine or you could also use canvas pads, but for this exercise

Gather some drawing tools you have on hand. This could be conte sticks, charcoal, pencils, water soluble graphite sticks (derwent or Lyra).

Basics: Yogurt containers for water, a few brushes, papertowels.

White Gesso. For best results I recommend Liquitex gesso (it’s the same consistency as cream and works beautifully for this exercise!)

SET UP. Get your three pieces of paper out and ready to use. Also fill up your water buckets, fold your paper towels, have your brushes and white gesso ready and available.

FREE SKETCH. Make marks on your papers just free scribble, lines, images, words, curves…no rules, be brave, make a mess, be fearless and have fun, play. Putting on music that energizes or inspires you may help free up your creative spirit here.

WATER & GESSO. Now paint over some parts, all, just a section of your lines and marks with water and white gesso. Experiment blednign the gesso with your black media and see if you can make shades of grey that add dimension to your piece.

MORE PLAY! If you are using the thin Liquitex gesso, you can put these painting aside and they will dry quite quickly. Then when the painting is dry you can go back and add more lines and marks and then another layer of white gesso. Or scrape back.

Just working in black and white can be liberating.

You could also add colour your final paintings if you choose. The only limit – ever – is your imagination. ( used Quinacradone Nicko Azo Gold in GOLDEN Liquid acrylics here to create the yellow/gold glaze over the black and white under layer image)

These are a few photos of practice pieces I did for this exercise. They are not great, I wouldn’t even call them that good. But It’s not the point here to make great art. We are freeing our creative spirit and practicing here and making bad art is a good way to do this.

My hope for you is that you allow yourself to make some bad art and have some great fun doing it.

Be Brave! Go do it!

Illuminate the Artist WIthin (TM) Retreat - this December

This December 9, 10 & 11th, 2011, join Deb Chaney and a small group of artists for a 3 day, two night ‘illuminated’ retreat experience in support your self and your inner artist. This is a retreat for YOU. Take time for yourself. Take time for your art.

This retreat is for artists looking to quietly work on their own personal creative project,
receive support on their inner creative process, and learn the secrets of an illuminated artist : how to stay inspired creatively despite any obstacle.

Participants will have 24hr studio access each day of the retreat, home cooked meals provided, the optional of morning yoga, the option of a local hike to a 40 ft. water fall, the invitation of a group evening campfire (weather permitting), quiet time by the fire to read a book or socialize,
an available hot tub, and the joy to breathe the fresh air and feel the calming sound of the creek running through the retreat property.

Materials List -- bring the supplies you need to work on your art work/creative project, your bathing suit & towel, everything you need to be comfortable for 2 nights, hiking boots, rain jacket, journal and pens.

DECEMBER 2011 - 3 DAYS - Roberts Creek, British Columbia

Illuminate the Artist Within(TM) Retreat.
Location: Rolling Earth Farm Retreat, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Dates & Times: Friday, Saturday & Sunday December 9, 10 & 11th, 2011.
Start 10 am Friday, end 4 pm Sunday.
Cost: 3 days, 2 nights, meals, all incl: $ 550 shared accommodation, $ 650 private room.
(Meals and Accommodation included)
Registration: Space is extremely limited. (604) 736-5111

Here's what students of Deb's recent workshops have to say:

" I loved the weekend, Deb's energy was wonderful. Having never picked up a paint rush, I was made to feel like an artist. What I learned was that art is a process, such as life. My art will now become part of my life process and my life part of my life art process. Bring it on! Thanks Deb!"
- Rosie Watson, RN, Vancouver, BC

"Deb is a great teacher who bring out the best in all of us. My experience was very rewarding and inspirational. The class allowed all levels of artist to experiment without being judged."
- Lauren Morris, Graphic Designer, Vancouver, BC

" Be ready to be wow'd...The information taught is fantastic. It is refreshing to see a successful artist teach techniques, secrets and more....while have fun doing it."
- Donna Stewart, Radiographic Tech, Sechelt, BC

To Register please Email or call (604) 736-5111.

Illuminate the Artist Within (TM) HIgh School Drawing Contest

Dear students who kindly submitted their drawings to the Illuminate the Artist Within (TM) drawing contest - Thank you!

First off, thank you for those of you who took the time to make the drawings and submit. Your time and efforts are much appreciated, thank you.

The winner is: Hannah Franes of Ashcroft, British Columbia.

The first image of hers shown here of the girl swinging totally captured the essence of what I was looking for and is my favorite of her three submissions. The drawings are great and I feel like Hannah really read the guidelines and followed them exactly as well as putting in her own creativity and feeling into this project. I can't wait to see other drawings if she's willing! Thank you Hannah! All of these drawings are (C) Hannah Franes and you must have her permission to use or reproduce them. Please stay tuned on this blog for an interview about Hannah.

Hannah has won First Prize.

- She will be featured as a selected artist interview online and published on this blog - Hanna, please call me to discuss the interview and then check your Email inbox for you interview questions... THank you.

- The winner will have your images published and used in one of more illuminate the Artist Within™ creative products. With your permission, Hannah, I'd like to use your drawings in my 74 card pack "the secrets of an illuminated artist". I'm hoping you'll be wiling to do more drawings too!

- The winner will be offered a spot of their choice in any one 2-day weekend workshops offered in 2011 in basic abstract painting, or advanced thick acrylic painting, or collage creations by Deb Chaney (visit “workshops” for full workshop details) valued at $350. Hannah, Please check out the workshop descriptions and consider which workshop you may want to take and let me know at: Currently there are openings for the Collage workshop this November and the Basics in Abstract painting in acrylics and mixed media in January 2012.

- The winner will receive a $150 gift certificate valid at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies. I will talk to the folks at OPUS and see if we can get you an online store credit for $150 so you can order your art supplies from them online and get them delivered to your home as I don't think there is an OPUS art supply store close to Ashcroft. Check out the online OPUS store and start picking out some cool new art supplies:

There is no second place or runner up for the contest as no other entries fitted the feeling and image of what I was looking for as well as Hannah's. THank you for all your entries.

Breathing Space: Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, BC

The tag line for the province of BC is currently: " British Columbia, the most beautiful place on earth" and I tend to agree. Here are some snap shots from Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver during a little afternoon day hike, breathing space for myself and a nice break from the studio. Enjoy!

Photos from inside the last workshop!

The following are some select photos from our last Energizing and Experimental Workshop here in Vancouver, BC which was a two day intensive focusing on the basics of abstract design and colour in abstract painting with acrylics and mixed media. We had a full house of amazing woman and I think the pictures tell all....

Little 9 x 12" practice pieces begin to emerge and unfold with layers being added and taken away.

Students begin to explore adding various m ixed medias into their acrylic paintings.

Stamps make great focal points and add interest into paintings.

A view from above. We have the contents of a few art supply stores in our workshop!!!

Working away creating....

Emerging completed and nearly complete paintings start accumulating on window ledges, extra table space and the floor underneath the tables where we paint.

I just fall in love with all the little paintings that are created in this workshop. It inspires me every time. Always different.

Getting into the mixed media here...

Using LYRA wager soluble graphite - 8B really soft and dark. Or as Jude said B = Black.
The round circles were made using rubbing alcohol and a dropper on the wet water soluble graphite pencil marks. Way cool!

Black india ink PITT pens are wonderful tools to add on acrylic paintings. Let them dry and then spray them with fixative before adding paint over top, unless you want the writing to smudge.
Getting out the chalk pastels to add a punch of colour on my acrylic canvas pad paintings.
Kelsie looks great here! Everyone else is seriously watching the demo!

Workable fixative is wonderful to spray over dry mixed media on acrylics so you can either finish the painting or keep painting over it without ruining/smudging the mixed media.

Practice pieces lined up for the next demonstration.
The demonstration table, little paintings ready to be added too!

Closer up of paintings in process!

Another view of the students working away. Playing...Work or play? :)

Deb wonders around the room to offer help or simply oohhh and ahhh at the amazing work that comes out of everyone!

More photos of workshop participants busy working!

The girls going at it! Music is playing and everyone is busy painting!

A view of the beautiful private studio we used for this workshop.

Deb getting the mixed media ready for day 2 -- coloured pencil crayons, chalk pastel, charcoal were just some of the items we used on dry acrylics.

Margo in action painting and pondering her work!

Georgina is working here with tape and removal techniques to create beautiful depth and interest into her work.

We all had fun. Lots of questions were asked.

In the background of this photo you can see some fun tools we use to remove acrylic paint and create interesting effects. Dollars stores and hardware stores and great for these: sanding blocks, pot scrubbers...
We all gathered around the "kitchen" area of this beautiful Dunbar studio to watch Deb demonstrate the next technique.

Up close, removing acrylic paint with sand paper and water.

Deb demonstrating using painter's tape from the hardware store to create shape lines in a painting, either curved or hard edge. We also made our own stencils using this tape.

For this workshop I introduced the Muse of Creativity, inspired by Katy Perry. We played her hit song "high school dream" and got into this groovin' archetype to support ourselves in grooving into our creativity. Oh yeah!

Coffee, tea, journals, tears, smiles and laughter were often at our morning and end of day circles.

We started each day in a circle, touching base and sharing how we were doing in our own process.

On the last day at the very end we did a group critique of one or two of each of the student's paintings. We all learned and grew and were inspired to continue painting!

Join Deb Chaney for her next workshop, details:

Artist Interview: Introducing ARC resident Mir Agol

As pre-lude to the Eastside Culture Crawl this upcoming November 2011 (mark your calendar!) I'd like to share with you some of the amazing resident artists here at The ARC at Powell @ Commercial in East Vancouver ... Join us here and visit this blog from now until November and each month I will feature a new artist. See what we do, where we live, inside our studios, and what we create. Hear our stories. Join us in our journey here at the ARC and leading up to the Crawl.

For August I'd like to introduce ARC Resident Artist Mir Agol (birth name Elia Mishkis). Mir is one of the most capable, skilled, talented, and extraordinary artists and human beings I have ever met. Let me tell you a little bit about Mir and then let's ask him some questions and see some images of his work and go deeper into his creations.

Mir is graduate of The College of Art and Design with Excellence in Kharkov, Ukraine and earned a BA in Fine Arts and Design. Mir describes himself as an experienced artist and designer, a colorful and dynamic individual who possesses a unique combination of crafting skills and computer design experience. He has over 20 years of project experience involving corporate identity development; sandblasting, stained & leaded glass design, exterior design of modern sculpture gardens, teaching arts and crafts, exhibit design; and casting, modeling, and molding. Mir also has training and experience in classical drawing and painting (water color, acrylic, oil), Graphic Design, Photography, Typefacing, and is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, and Fireworks.

He is fluent in three languages; English, Hebrew, and Russian. And, to top it off, he is a certified ski and snowboard instructor, avid rock climber, and unicyclist.

Mir, please tell us about your extraordinary childhood…about your childhood mentors and share with us some memories of your early experiences as a child growing up in art.

One night, when I was 7 years old, on a *Sylvester night, I wandered across the street from my home in Kharkov, Ukraine to the Design Academy located directly across from me, and befriended a couple of students form Design Academy.

I was a very easy communicative kid and joined them in a night of art, music and dancing. That night one of the artists, named Alyona, was very kind and danced with me. I met her boyfriend later that night when he asked if it would be possible for him to have a dance with his girlfriend. A friendship was formed and I fell in love with both completely.

[* Sylvester night: The night of the Holy Sylvester, the last night of the year, has always been the night of fools and a funny good time. The saint of this day, Pope Sylvester I, according to legend is the man who healed from leprosy and baptized the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.]

Eugene Zavarzin and Alyona - Each one was a personality – they let me follow them around the Art Institute, help out, and learn from them as they went about their studies and projects. I managed to become their small brother, apprentice, little colleague… I started by washing his paint brushes and then moved into helping to build small miniature 3-D building models because at that time there were no computers. They taught me how cut paper with exacto knife, use an air brush, juggle, play guitar… and later – how to make stained glass panels. It was an amazingly rewarding experience for me…. How lucky was I – it was an indescribable world of fun with two amazing human beings who were happy to have me around.

In your studio I notice many small metal sculpture which you said were models for your bigger installations, can you please tell us about these large metal installations that you do…

The first sculpture I would like to share with you is called Unity. It stands nine (9) feet tall and is made of steel and stained glass. This Piece was positioned on the patio of “The Perch” The ARC Cafe for 2 years. Then it was relocated to Peace Arch for the 13th annual Peace Arch Sculpture Exhibition. Here is a You Tube video showing other sculptures at that exhibit. Currently it’s displayed on the campus at University of British Columbia. Unity was also included in Public Art in Vancouver - Angels among Lions A book about Vancouver Public by John Steil and Aileen Stalker.

Unity was created from the inspiration of an infinite beauty and flow of opposite natures. The indescribable of an unknown from within a vortex of coexistence of feminine and masculine beginnings. It all comes from relationships through out life. With myself growing within relationships with many amazing friends I’ve been lucky to have in my life. It is a tribute to all those who generously shared with me some beautiful moments. Also – it is about Twin Flames.

Looking back, once I started to build this piece here in Vancouver… I realized that the very first sketch was made in Palestine in a little village of Sa-Nur, which was once an Artist Village where I lived, and in ruins now…

The first model was made of black and white paper. It was 8” tall. As I say this it brings tears to my eyes as so many of the people I knew back then aren’t alive anymore – I wish this piece to commemorate them too!

Once I have made Unity in its full size and in my the real full scale – my final vision of it - I feel like then I can die peacefully. For now, I have to say that it is not yet made the size I had envisioned it. The current sculpture you see in these pictures was built limited by the size of the workshop doorways… it is always a way of thinking with sculpture… how you can make it happen, with what you have around.

What is it like to work with metal?

I have these moments of an inspiration flow, as I get to play with little pieces of steel. Once I would get to weld – the pieces would just appear - much themselves…and there is that amazing feeling that you co-create… you let the creation flow through you… this is where art begins I believe… you are most happy being if you can just let it happen … through you. So – I call it metal sculpting metal origami often… I gathered a bunch of those smaller models that are in my studio, and I make them into their true size.

Can you tell us about the process of creating a sculpture this size and also how you would go about installing it…

As I mentioned before– I usually begin with a paper model. The very first sketch is a paper. This is where I listen to my inspiration… once it is heard, the rest is a simple magic of leaving the life in this dimension of materials around us…and a bit of a luck of that feeling of ‘resistance of materials ‘… some people have it… than it is possible to play with 3D art.

There is never an easy way – for me there isn’t – I’m not looking for one… I will always push my limits, and the limits of materials I play with – this is my time of pain and glory. And this is how I can hopefully make the viewer to stop and say: ‘ wow – this is cool!’ – and this is my best reward by the end of it all…

What made you choose to do this form -large metal and glass sculpture - of art work considering your broad background and training in so many other areas of art?

Thank you for your compliments, I actually think that I’m not nearly trained enough… but am interested in interconnection of medias…

I majored in Graphic Design and have always been fascinated with Font Building and Calligraphy for example… and I hope it comes through in my work with metal and glass…

Since computers took over - I realized – I cannot be in front of one more than 4 hours… so I had to look for other playground – fire is my nature – so it was quite easy to get to know to weld metal, fuse glass.

For glass I had a long time love… started when I was yet a kid. My first stained glass panel I made (with a lot of help of my blessed mentor – Eugene Zavarzin) when I was about 10 years old. It is an amazing material - latest research suggests – it is not even solid… as we perceive it….if we would of taken a piece of an old stained glass panel – say – a thousand years old… and look at the little piece from a side – we would see that the top is thinner than a bottom… - it is flowing! fact it is flowing in hour hands! We are just not meant to be quite synchronized with THIS flow….yet – we can play with this material, create beautiful things of it – isn’t it amazing?

(Yes, it is! By the way, acrylic paint flows as well, as it’s drying but also afterwards!)

What are art projects are you currently working on?

Just as I usually read quite a few books at a time… - I work on few projects at a time always…

Currently, I preparing to build one of my next pieces “Dialog’. It has a base of a ball about 4 foot diameter, and I am looking for an old Marine Buoy for the base.

I am also working on one commission – it is inspired by my piece which was exhibited in Havana Café – “Tall Ship Shadows”. A collaborated project with fellow artists – Gabriel Morosan and Sol Diaz – it is promising to be big scale and intriguing – lots of photography, nude, motion and…glass.

As well – I’m sketching out a new model – a piece which is about our current situation on the planet – relative proximity of apocalypses with an option of taking care of a place where we live… the name just came to me recently - “Requiem for the Earth”.

If someone reading this blog would like to see more of your work, visit an upcoming art show, or get a hold of you, how would they do so?

Mir, Thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy schedule the to partake in this interview!

Breathing Space: Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

Okanagan Lake Region of British Columbia was our final stop during our three week summer camping trip this year.

Ruthie and I camped for a week and participated with BC Parents for French Family Camp along the lake side. The camp was excellent, she has so much fun, and I got some time to read a novel and go for a few beautiful walks and hikes.

Here are the best pictures for Breathing Space this month. enjoy!

Portland Overtures: group art show in Ashland OR

This fall, I am part of a small group fine art show entitled "Portland Overtures" in Ashland, Oregon going from September 11th through October 14th, 2011 at the Hill top Art Gallery located at 849-B Mt. Meadows Dr. Ashland, OR, 97520. It was organized through the Society of Layerists in Multi Media and more details can be found at: .

Other exhibiting artists include Nikki Dilbeck (credit for postcard cover image above to Nikki Dilbeck's art work), Leslie Ebert, Vince Ferguson, Catherine Fraser, Ann Johnson, and Colin Murphy.

As an overture to nature, I will exhibiting my 36 x 36" original mixed media (acrylics, mediums, sand, and collage elements) on canvas painting entitled 'Serenity'.

Gallery House are Monday 1-5 PM or by appointment. If you have questions about the show or want to drop by during off hours, please contact 541-708-5141.

Deb Chaney's Fall 2011 Workshop and Teaching Schedule

Deb Chaney's Fall 2011 Workshop and Teaching Schedule
(September - December 2011)
Vancouver, BC


Energizing and Experimental Abstract Painting (weekend intensive)

2 Day Fundamentals Workshop in Abstract Painting using Acrylics & Mixed Media. Design,

colour, layering. Emphasis on creative process. Full workshop details and materials list at

in Vancouver, BC. September 24 & 35. $350

Register: (604) 736-5111

*Getting Started in Abstract Painting (evening intro)
Dunbar Community Center
4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2H2
Tuesday September 13th, 2011 6:30pm-9:30pm
Register: / (604) 222-6060

*BRITANNIA Community Center in East Vancouver (evening intro)
Getting started in Abstract Painting: 3 things you must know.
Wednesday September 14th , 2011 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Register: 604.718.5800

* Getting started in Abstract Acrylic Painting (evening intro)
Tuesday September 20th 6:30 - 8:30 PM
5175 Dumfries Street, Vancouver, BC, V5P 3A2
Register: / (604)

Big and Small Bring them All! ( 9 week, weekly 2 hr class)
This 9 week class is an opportunity for senior adults (55+) of Brock House Society to work on and receive support in your paintings and art projects you have in progress. Each class will begin with a short writing exercise, inspirational quote, or reading with the goal to support your inner artist. We'll have a variety of music playing and I will be there to offer support, guidance, and inspiration as you complete your art works.
(out of consideration to others, no oil paintings please)
Tuesdays 12:30 - 2:30 pm September 13th - November 8th, 2011.
Inquiries: Brock House Society, 3875 west Point Grey Road, Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3
Register: Phone 604-228-1461


Thick & Layered Acrylic Painting (weekend intensive)

2 Day Workshop. Build & dig back into thick layers; Transparent, Translucent & Opaque.

Sanding, Etching & Removal Techniques.

Full workshop details and materials list at

in Vancouver, BC Sat & Sunday 9-4 October 29 & 30. $350 (reduced price)

Register: (604) 736-5111

*Acrylics Gels, Pastes, and Mediums (evening intro)
Tuesday October 4th, 2011 6:30pm-9:30pm
4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2H2
Register: / (604) 222-6060

*BRITANNIA Community Center in East Vancouver (evening intro)
Acrylics Gels, Pastes and Mediums: 3 products that'll take your paintings to another level!
Wednesday October 12th, 2011 - 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Register: 604.718.5800

*Acrylics Gels, Pastes and Mediums: 3 products that'll take your paintings to another level! (evening intro)
Tuesday October 18th, 2011 6:30 - 8:30 PM
5175 Dumfries Street, Vancouver, BC, V5P 3A2
Register: / (604)


Collage Creations (weekend intensive)

2 Day Workshop. Fundamentals in collage. Stained papers, marbling, split ink, gold leaf,

transfers, lazertran & embedded objects.

Full workshop details and materials list at
in Vancouver, BC Sat & Sunday 9-4 November 26 & 27. $350
Register: (604) 736-5111

*Adding Collage Elements into Your Acrylics Paintings (evening intro)
Tuesday November 1st, 2011 6:30pm-9:30pm
Dunbar Community Center
4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2H2
Register: / (604) 222-6060

*BRITANNIA Community Center in East Vancouver (evening intro)
Adding collage elements into your acrylics paintings.
Wednesday November 9th, 2011 - 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Register: 604.718.5800

*Adding collage elements into your acrylic paintings. (evening intro)
Tuesday November 15th, 2011 6:30 - 8:30 PM
5175 Dumfries Street, Vancouver, BC, V5P 3A2
Register: / (604)


The Secrets of Illuminated ArtistTM (weekend retreat)

2 Day Inner Journey. Learn things that stop artists and 10 powerful secrets to overcome them. Bring your own creative projects and receive support.

Location in or close to Vancouver TBA Saturday & Sunday December 10 & 11. $350

Register: (604) 736-5111

*Secrets of the Illuminated Artist (evening intro)
Tuesday December 6th, 2011 6:30pm-9:30pm
Dunbar Community Center
4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2H2
Register: / (604) 222-6060

*BRITANNIA Community Center in East Vancouver (evening intro)
3 Secrets of the Illuminated Artist: How to stay inspired in your creativity despite obstacles
Wednesday December 7th, 2011 - 6:30 - 9:30 PM -
Register: 604.718.5800


*Evening Introductory Sessions offered in Vancouver Community Centers in Acrylics and Mixed Media Painting and The Secrets of the Illuminated Artist for Adults. Each evening session includes use of provided paints, brushes, smocks, water buckets. Take one, or take them all. You have the option of bringing your own large stretched canvas or we’ll have small loose canvas pad pieces available for you. The evening will include a short introduction and demonstration with Deb Chaney, guidance and support if you want it, great music, and plenty of time to paint!

Illuminate the Artist Within ™ September 2011 Illustration competition open to BC High School Students

Illuminate the Artist Within ™
September 2011

Illustration/Drawing competition

for BC High School Students

We are looking for three (3) simple, whimsical, fun, child-like drawings that illustrate any three of the following ideas:

1. A girl getting her nails done.

2. A hand holding a pencil and writing words in a journal.

3. A person doodling on a sketch pad.

4. A lit wax candle in a holder.

5. An artist standing back from her painting on an easel and scrutinizing it.

6. A glass of wine next to a plate of sliced cheese, crackers and apples.

7. An old fashioned clock with an emphasis on a ten minute segment in time.

8. A dinner plate with a healthy looking dinner next to a glass of water.

9. A person thoughtfully imagining they are making pottery.

10. Someone walking down a beach or in down a forest path.

11. A person on a swing, swinging happily.

12. A person putting their hand on their heart and taking a deep breathe.

13. A group of five friends sitting around a campfire.

14. A person sitting on a cushion and meditating.

15. A little wall shelf with things on it such as a few books, flowers in a vase, a framed photograph, a sea shell, etc .

16. An ice cream sundae with all the toppings

Your three (3) entry illustrations MUST be:

  • Black and White
  • The original illustration must fit inside a 6” x 6” square format.
  • Scanned at 300 dpi into .tif format.

We suggest you use a black india ink pen for your original drawing and then scan them for your submission. Keep your originals.

Email your submissions to: with the following information:

your first and last name, your mailing address, your phone number, your email, your grade, your school.

Deadline: Email your three (3) drawings to by Friday October 15th, 2011 by 12 midnight.


First Prize.

- The winner featured as a selected artist interview online and published at

- The winner will have your images published and used in one of more illuminate the Artist Within™ creative products.

- The winner will be offered a spot of their choice in any one 2-day weekend workshops offered in 2011 in basic abstract painting, or advanced thick acrylic painting, or collage creations by Deb Chaney (visit “workshops” for full workshop details) valued at $350.

- The winner will receive a $150 gift certificate valid at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies.

Second Prize.

- The runner up will have your images published and used in one of more illuminate the Artist Within™ creative products.

- The runner up will be offered a spot in any one 2-day weekend workshops offered in 2011 in basic abstract painting, or advanced thick acrylic painting, or collage creations by Deb Chaney (visit “workshops” for full workshop details) valued at $350.

- The runner up will receive a $100 gift certificate valid at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies.

Third Prize.

- Will have your images published and used in one of more illuminate the Artist Within™ creative products.

- A spot in his/her choice in any of their choice in any one 2-day weekend workshops offered in 2011 in basic abstract painting, or advanced thick acrylic painting, or collage creations by Deb Chaney (visit “workshops” for full workshop details) valued at $350.

- $50 gift certificate valid at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies.

The winners will be posted and announced online at 7:30 am Tuesday October 25th, 2011 at and each winner be contacted individually via Email and/or phone to receive their prizes.

This competition is being judged and run by local Vancouver artist, Deb Chaney. Deb is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and has been selling her mixed media abstract paintings internationally for over 10 years. As well as maintaining her own studio practice, she is also a published writer, and an international workshop facilitator with Illuminate the Artist Within™, a company whose mission is to playfully and compassionately illuminate the artist within each and everyone of us. Illuminate the Artist Within™ offers workshops, retreats, and a line of products designed to support creativity. The winners of this competition will have their illustrations appear in one or more of our creative products. You can see Deb’s portfolio and more about her at

Attention: BC High School art teachers (public and private schools):

Dear BC High School Art Teacher,

Re: Illuminate the Artist Within TM September 2011 Illustration competition

Please allow me to introduce myself as a professional working artist in Vancouver offering an illustration competition for high school art students with two goals in mind; to increase awareness of students of working artists and career opportunities in the arts, and secondly to provide an opportunity to have their artwork published.

This September 2011 “Illuminate the Artist WithinTM” Drawing competition is open to any high school student in a public or private BC High School. Specifically we’re looking for illustrations/drawings that are simple, whimsical, fun, child-like that capture the essence of Illuminate the Artist WithinTM. The winning illustrators will receive the prizes listed and have his/her artwork published.

Illuminate the Artist WithinTM is a company whose mission is to playfully and compassionately illuminate the artist within each and everyone of us, awakening our creative potential and realizing that our lives are the masterpiece of our own creation. We offer workshops, retreats, and a line of products designed to support creativity. The winners of this competition will have their illustrations appear in one or more of our creative products.

Students artists are asked to Email their three (3) drawings/submissions to by Friday October 15th, 2011 by 12 midnight. The winners will be posted and announced online at 7:30 am Tuesday October 25th, 2011 at and each winner be contacted individually via Email and/or phone to receive their prizes.



VANCOUVER – August 19, 2011 – Local Vancouver Artist, founder of Illuminate The Artist Within™, launches illustration competition for high school art students. Its aim is to increase student awareness of working artists and career opportunities in the arts and to provide an opportunity to have their artwork published. The winners also receive credit at OPUS Art Supplies and attend a 2-day painting workshop valued at $350.

“When I was in high school I LOVED art and had a natural affinity to being creative, however I was not encouraged or supported to pursue an “artsy fartsy” career and did not realize what was possible. It’s my hope that students that are exposed to the contest realize that there are artists out there – like myself – who are making art, being creative, and making a living doing so.”

The Illuminate the Artist Within™ Illustration Competition is open to all high school students across BC. The winning illustrator receives a $150 gift certificate valid at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies, a spot on the featured artist page at, a 2-day painting workshop valued at $350 and finally, and their work will be featured in some Illuminate the Artist Within™ products. Student artists are asked to email their (3) drawings to by Friday October 15th, 2011. For ideas on what to draw, participants are asked to visit The winners will be posted and announced online on Deb’s blog at 7:30 am Tuesday October 25th, 2011.

Illuminate the Artist Within™ is a company whose mission is to playfully and compassionately engage the artist that lives inside each and everyone of us, awakening our creative potential and realizing that our lives are the masterpiece of our own creation.

Chaney is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and has been selling her mixed media abstract paintings internationally for over 10 years. As well as maintaining her own studio practice, she is also a published writer, and workshop facilitator.

Read more about contest:

For more information, please contact
Adrian Sinclair

In the Media:

Langley Times

SelfDesign High in Nelson, BC.

Peace Arch News/Entertainment

BC Local News Online

Six Acrylics and MIxed Media How-To inspiration books to discover

This week, instead of one of my current mentorship program students coming here to my studio, I went to his studio to change things up a bit for our session today. We had such a great time and both agreed it was great to mix things up by changing our location and usual routing that I thought I would share our afternoon with you…

We looked at an old series of work he'd done in '99 - some energetic gestural sketches inspired by Picasso in charcoal on paper and discussed turning these into a small show.

We looked at the newest additions to his recent work - amazing to see the link between all the 9 x12" pieces as the series grows and he continues to evolve and explore in textures and mediums.

Then with cups of tea we plunked down on the living room floor and looked at the extensive collection of art books on drawing, painting, acrylics, mixed media, collage and creating textures in Tim's collection…what fun! Here are my favorites from his dozens of books we looked through:

The Surface Treatment Workshop: Explore 45 Mixed-Media Techniques by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson.

And here is a peak of my favorite page inside the book:

I found this book overwhelming because there were so many projects and directions you could go with creating unique textural surfaces. It's the kind of book I would keep as a reference resource if I wanted to understand how to create a certain effect. But I wouldn't read through it all page by page because it's just too much information!

NEW ACRYLICS Essential Sourcebook: Materials, Techniques and contemporary Application for Today's Artist, by Rheni Tauchid. link to amazon information.

And here is a peak of my favorite page inside the book:

Pretty basic book from my standpoint but if you were looking for a getting started in acrylics book I would rather recommend Patti Brady's book over this one by a long shot. It didn't really pull me in.

The Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists: Experimental Techniques for Composition, Layering, Texture, Imagery and Encaustic, by Ann Baldwin.

Link to amazon information.

And here is a peak of my favorite page inside the book:

(artwork by Ann Baldwin)

I love this book, especially because Ann goes the extra mile to show us how she creates the depth and layering in her painting by showing pictures of paintings in process. Most of the other books just show completed art or pieces of a project to outline a specific technique whereas in this book you get to see the entire painting evolve.

Abstracts: 50 Inspiration Projects, by Rolina Van Vliet.

And here is a peak of my favorite page inside the book:

(the base of this art piece is made with aluminum foil)

This would be fantastic book if you like structure and want a way to practice making abstract art with a lot of guidance for each project in terms of laying out the colour palette, composition and building on those fundamentals. I wouldn't buy this book personally and I found many of the paintings in the book to be very similar which was a bit boring - just my opinion.

A practical Guide to freeing the artist within: Expressive Drawing, by Steven Aimone.

And here is a peak of my favorite page inside the book:

This is by far one of the best books of the lot with amazing photographs, instructions, easy to follow, and totally inspirational. I absolutely want to play around with the exercise shown in the above page whereby you draw something for a set amount of time and then paint over it and then go back to drawing --- way cool! Apparently, this guy - Steve Aimone -- does workshops and now I'm curious to learn more about him and his extraordinary sounding workshops… :)

Art from Intuition: overcoming your fears and obstacle to making art, by Dean Nimmer.

And here is a peak of my favorite page inside the book:

Fantastic book - very inspirational with great to-do ideas. Love how the author put together all their small pieces into this installation (photo above) it totally reminds me of the small gems paintings we make in our energizing and experimental workshop and the potential these little gems have.

Love the top 10 list of obstacles to making art. Really enjoyed browsing this book. I would buy this book.