Where Spirituality Meets Physicality (Large Works)

This limited edition collection of very large abstract landscape paintings, created with layers of mixed media on canvas, were inspired by the question "Where does Spirituality Meet Physicality?"

Little Gems Series (Small Works)

The Little Gems Series is a collection of small 9" x 12" unique abstract mixed media original paintings on paper and loose canvas. They are inspired by play and practice and are often created as the end result of a painting demonstration for a workshop group.


Fragments of Life (Medium Sized Works)

Each 23" x 30" painting in this collection is highly textured with many layers of mediums, collage, acrylics, pencil, sand and ephemera collected by the artist. Created on heavy watercolour paper, these original paintings are an emotional expression of Deb's inner life and spiritual journey.


Installments of Deb Chaney's paintings in art collectors' homes, corporations, and restaurants. View individual image for artwork rental or purchase availability. Sold works can often be purchased as prints.