Artist Statement

My paintings are a visual snapshot of the evolution of my inner spiritual life. I begin with a blank canvas or thick watercolour coldpress paper, a palette knife, some heavy body acrylic paint, and the compelling need to create. I am often inspired by a question, such as "what do I need to learn right now?" Or "what does this painting have to teach me?".  In a process lasting from a week to months involving adding, taking away, working, and re-working many layers of paint and mixed media, I start understanding what the painting has to show me, and what I need to learn in my life right now.

Artist Biography

Deb Chaney is an award-winning contemporary abstract artist, recently named by Vancouver City Buzz and Culture Trip as one of the top 10 contemporary artists to watch in Vancouver.  She has been creating, exhibiting, and selling her multi-layered & textured paintings to collectors worldwide for over a decade. Her paintings were described in the Georgia Strait as “Spiritual Consciousness Revealed in a Physical Form” and bring uplifting and healing energy into the places where they reside.  Deb’s artwork has been featured in Style at Home Magazine, Saatchi Online Gallery, D2Art & Sala Interiors, Rainmaker Films and on Telus TV. She recently signed with HFA Custom Art Services to have reproductions of her artwork used in hotels and restaurants.