a huge post-CRAWL Thank you!

Thank you so much for everyone that stopped by the studio this last weekend for the 2011 East End Culture Crawl. In total at the ARC we had 2, 400 visitors and I want to give everyone so much for credit for walking up those stairs on Sunday when the elevators broke! Thank you!

I also especially want to thank Jeffrey Boone for stopping by and for facilitating the studio interview for a number of us artist at the ARC with Novus TV. (www.novuscommunitytv.ca) (youtube.com/novusTV).

Also a heart felt thank you to my dear friends Mir whom brought me lunch and Tim Sullivan who hung out with me pretty much all of Sunday so I could take breathers, eat, and go see other studios - thank you Tim!

and last but by no means least a HUGE thank you to Bill Chaney for organizing, packing and shipping up my propanels in time for this show. The panels made the show and it's all thank you to Bill - THANK YOU!!!

2011 Culture Crawl original art collectors of Deb Chaney's work - Thank you!