Illuminate the Artist Within (TM) HIgh School Drawing Contest

Dear students who kindly submitted their drawings to the Illuminate the Artist Within (TM) drawing contest - Thank you!

First off, thank you for those of you who took the time to make the drawings and submit. Your time and efforts are much appreciated, thank you.

The winner is: Hannah Franes of Ashcroft, British Columbia.

The first image of hers shown here of the girl swinging totally captured the essence of what I was looking for and is my favorite of her three submissions. The drawings are great and I feel like Hannah really read the guidelines and followed them exactly as well as putting in her own creativity and feeling into this project. I can't wait to see other drawings if she's willing! Thank you Hannah! All of these drawings are (C) Hannah Franes and you must have her permission to use or reproduce them. Please stay tuned on this blog for an interview about Hannah.

Hannah has won First Prize.

- She will be featured as a selected artist interview online and published on this blog - Hanna, please call me to discuss the interview and then check your Email inbox for you interview questions... THank you.

- The winner will have your images published and used in one of more illuminate the Artist Within™ creative products. With your permission, Hannah, I'd like to use your drawings in my 74 card pack "the secrets of an illuminated artist". I'm hoping you'll be wiling to do more drawings too!

- The winner will be offered a spot of their choice in any one 2-day weekend workshops offered in 2011 in basic abstract painting, or advanced thick acrylic painting, or collage creations by Deb Chaney (visit “workshops” for full workshop details) valued at $350. Hannah, Please check out the workshop descriptions and consider which workshop you may want to take and let me know at: Currently there are openings for the Collage workshop this November and the Basics in Abstract painting in acrylics and mixed media in January 2012.

- The winner will receive a $150 gift certificate valid at OPUS Framing and Art Supplies. I will talk to the folks at OPUS and see if we can get you an online store credit for $150 so you can order your art supplies from them online and get them delivered to your home as I don't think there is an OPUS art supply store close to Ashcroft. Check out the online OPUS store and start picking out some cool new art supplies:

There is no second place or runner up for the contest as no other entries fitted the feeling and image of what I was looking for as well as Hannah's. THank you for all your entries.