a big pre-CRAWL Thank you

This upcoming Culture Crawl show (Nov. 18, 19 & 20th) would not be possible without the help of many people. To start I want to thank my parents, Rob and Margaret Bear for helping raise Ruthie like their own daughter. Without your help I would not be able to do what I do – Thank you. I love you!

I am eternally grateful to my neighbors. For the men that pulled together and built the loft you will see when you visit my new home/studio (#704, 1701 Powell St) -Thomas Hughes, Mir Agol and Darcy Davis of The ARC. I thank you for your time, effort and kindness. Rena and Thomasz for every cup of tea, every meal, and being there when I needed an ear to bend – Thank you. Janet Sadel for our collaborative breakfasts and dinners - I’m always grateful to be fed - thank you!

To all my workshop participants, private students, and community center students – thank you for showing up, for your enthusiasm, and for telling you friends about my workshops.

Thank You to all my art collectors…To everyone that made it to my open studio at the CRAWL last year and at AIOM earlier this year. Especially Krisse and Jen and Volution Salon in Kits for hosing my best show ever. Thank you ALL for making an investment with my work.

Thank you Guy Thornburn and all the staff at Embers Build a Business program who have supported me in creating my dream. Melanie Buffel for six months of amazing money coaching.

THANK YOU Kiona Hartl for your inspiring friendship. Lisa Penz for always raising the bar and inspiring and motivating me. Trista Galbraith for supportive phone calls, Misty Hogan for sweet FB posts, Lyza Loo for being there. Thank you Kim Boivin for helping me create a better me every week, Dr. Judith Bush for so much support, Theresa Ross & Mary Ayles for stepping up, Darcy at POKE Community Acupuncture for all your help and support.

And to every one in my life that brings love, light, support, food, hot tea, warm hugs and support - thank you!

Upcoming Art Show & Sale - Home Studio Event! November 18, 19, & 20th

November 18, 19 & 20th, 2011 East Vancouver Culture Crawl Event – Deb Chaney Open Studio & Art Sale

Once in a while I receive and Email from a collector, a fellow artist, friend, or social media or blog follower asking me what I’m up to and when my next event it. First off, I make a point of posting all my events (what I’m up to) on my website under “events” so if you’re wondering when can I visit Deb’s studio or meet with her, this is the page for you. If you don’t feel like checking periodically back with my website (I don’t blame you, I’m busy too) note, that you can get this blog directly feeded into your Email there is a sign up thingo on the right hand side of the writing à (over there) you just put in your Emai address and press the button and it should enable you to do this.

The next “big” thing is the annual East End Culture Crawl which happens every year in East Vancouver whereby over 350 artists of all genres – and I mean everything from performance art to hand made purses to woodwork to abstract art - open their studios

This November 18th, 19th and 20th, 2011 will be particularly special as my second Culture Crawl but my first time I will be opening my home and live/work studio at the ARC ( Artist Resource Center).

The ARC is a very special building with over 80 live/work studios of artists. I don’t know everyone in the building (yet) but I can tell you that everyone I do know thus far is special, talented and a pleasure to know and inspiring to be around. The nice thing abut the ARC building is that often during the Culture Crawl is pours with rain and if you come and visit us you will be able to see many artist and many different styles of artwork under one roof. Ah yes, staying dry and warm is a nice option!

So here’s the skinny: Opening Night: Friday November 18th from 5-10 PM. If you’re a party type person I’m sure you will be able to find that scene or more than one of the studios. My doors will be open and you are welcome to drop by that night, especially if you’re a collector of mine and you want first dibs at the new abstract art pieces. Or you want to touch base and say hi. Please note that my studio won’t be a party scene though.

Open Studio and Art Sale: Saturday November 19th 11 am - 5 PM

Sunday November 20th 11 am - 5 PM. Both days I’ll be open and welcome you in my home studio. Again you know you’re coming to purchase art, first come first serve so get here early.

Address and map to get to the studio….

The Arc Live/Work Studios

Studio # 704

1701 Powell Street

Vancouver, BC

V5L 5C9

google map link

See you in November. Best, Deb.