Montessori kids visit the studio!

In November this year a wonderful group of grade 6/7 kids from North Star Montessori Schoolin North Vancouver came to visit my studio/home and to do some abstract painting. They were in process of organizing and fundraising for an upcoming trip to New York to visit the UN. The plan was to paint some abstract paintings and auction them off to their parents to raise funds for the trip.

The group were a delight to have and seemed to really enjoy exploring the studio, abstract painting, and goofing off! My favorite part? The girls giving me big hugs on their way out! Love you guys!
We integrated water soluble graphite pencils into our abstract paintings.

On the left: dry light moulding paste overlain with charcoal. On the right charcoal was rubbed over dry acrylics
Busy working!


Hannah in her painting groove. We did some dancing too. Great fun!

In the foreground: stamping with foam stamps using basic acrylics.

Deb talking about abstract painting principles and pulling their paintings together. These kids were great listeners!

Hard at play!

Liam dissolves rubbing alcohol onto wet turquoise acrylic paint.

Using sea sponges.
Dripping, scraping, painting, putting on, removing. Busy bees at work.

Every one enjoyed spraying rubbing alcohol onto their wet acrylic paintings
to create neat effects.


Up close. Love those little hands.

Using the back of our paint brushes to add scrape lines into our paintings.

Mixing paints with palette knife to create that right hue for her painting.