Directed Studies Internship, for credit, Jan 2011 and Sept 2011.

Directed Studies Internship, for credit, unpaid position. Open to Langara, SFU, and UBC fine art students.

Mentorship position with Deb Chaney, Contemporary Abstract Artist.

This is the opportunity for a student to be mentored and gain work experience with a professional working artist. See what goes on behind the scenes to cultivate art collectors, submit to shows, work with sales venues, and market and facilitate workshops. Learn what it takes to make a living as a working artist!

2011 Available Positions:

Winter Semester, begins the week of January 5th

Fall Semester, begins the week of September 7th.

Location: Vancouver, BC.

Current projects students will work on during this internship include:

  • Updating/editing a workshop work book
  • Updating a client database
  • Organizing digital portfolio
  • Researching printers & obtaining an ISBN


  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Attention to detail and follow through
  • Current student ID and sponsorship with a professor if required by your institution
  • Three local references
  • Basic working knowledge of Macintosh programs: Finder, IPhoto, Safari, Mail, Address Book, Word, Excel and Pages.

Internship Schedule & Requirements.

Students meet and work at the studio location in Vancouver once per week for the duration of the semester. Mondays 1-4 PM or Fridays 1-4 PM. Students assist with one workshop during the semester. Required reading; The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

About Deb Chaney, SCA, Contemporary Abstract Artist –

Deb Chaney is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, since 2007. She has been painting for over ten years both large and small layered mixed media abstract paintings on canvas and paper. A recent participant in Vancouver’s East End Culture Crawl, her work is also exhibited at SWITCH Boutique in Beverly Hills. Deb was recently commissioned by RainMaker Films, Inc. and her art is held by private collectors throughout the world. She is predominantly self-taught, she has enjoyed privilege of studying with several prominent Californian artists such as Ann Baldwin, Bob Burridge, and Adolfo Girala. Deb is also a published writer. She is the author of The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women [2000. Trafford Publishing.] and a contributing author to Sand in my Bra, Funny Women Write From the Road [2002. Traveler’s Tales Publishing]. As well as maintaining her own studio practice, she facilitates workshops & retreats, and weekly abstract painting classes at Brock House Community Center in Vancouver.


Goals for 2011

Every year since I started blogging It's been a tradition for me to post my annual goals. I look back at this blog during the year and see how I've done. I find it also deepens my commitment to actually making these things happen when I share them with my friends... So, good bye 2010 in which I hit about 90% of my goals, and hello 2011 where I have new and exciting goals to spur me on!

Health and fitness

  • Attend a yoga class once a week
  • Go on a long walk or hike weekly
  • Stretch regularly
  • Meditate regularly
  • Dance regularly!
  • Keep eating lots of veggies


  • Focus on peace during all interactions with family
  • Focus on fun and creating magic moments with all members of my family
  • Time in nature together

Travel and adventure

  • Santa Fe, NM for a week with myself, check out galleries, shop, have fun!
  • NY in August/September with Rojia to teach and play!
  • San Fran in June for the art show and road trip/camping with Ruthie.

Creativity….lots and lots of studio time!

  • Vitality Series
  • Continue Pure Abstraction
  • Little collage pieces
  • Journaling
  • Blind contour drawings of trees

  • Fill all my workshops and retreats for 2011! yes!!! (
  • Roundhouse Art Show in Vancouver
  • Heart show at Higher Ground Coffee House
  • Vitality show in San Fran
  • NY show – 3 to 4 large Pure Abstraction pieces
  • Completed editing and publication of 72 creativity card pack (get ISBN, find a printer)
  • Complete ‘Energizing and Experimental’ 5 day curriculum book with editing by a Pages wizard (add sections on pencils, pens, ink, collage, transfer) and make it as a print on demand book
  • Follow up on new commission request
  • Start and issue a monthly E-newsletter
  • Continue to update website
  • Take small steps towards developing, practicing, and giving a presentation about the similarities between abstract painting and life…(stay tuned)


  • Create budget and pay myself monthly
  • Know how much is coming IN every month and how much is going OUT
  • Increase sales from 2010 (How much did I make in 2010? find out)
  • Save for Santa Fe, NM trip
  • Save for camping road trip with Ruthie to rent a
  • Westfalia

If you wonder how I single parent and get so many of my goals accomplished, Please join me at the end of January for all my secrets and tricks at ...

Vision Boards & Goal Setting for 2011

Start this year off with power and clarity. Take a day to get clear on what you want to create and attract, making vision boards related to your goals for the upcoming year. Set goals in all the main areas of your life with guided visualizations. Tea and snacks included, option to order catered lunch, all materials included.

Location: VANCOUVER , BC (West Side)

Dates: Saturday January 29, 10 - 5 pm ONE DAY ONLY.


Cost: $150 Includes all materials, snacks, & tea.

Inside a workshop with Deb Chaney

I've had numerous inquiries over the last several months with questions about the workshops I offer. Emails asking about what type of art students create in class (wow! check it out!), if there are demonstrations (yes tons!), if there is lots of time to work (of course!) and so on...

My answer is best illustrated by sharing photos from inside workshops spanning August thru November 2010.

Thank you for all your interest and --- for those that take the leap, sign up and join me on the journey of creating art---- see you soon! --- workshop details at:

A Big Thank you to Lynne Oliver for photos of myself teaching.

During the course of a workshop, you will often experience and see the progression of a small painting with layering and other techniques presented. This is fun to see paintings evolve. Check out the finished painting here:

I really enjoy doing demonstrations and sharing my passion and often feel like I am doing a one woman cooking show. It can get pretty crazy sometimes!

Scrubbing away at a painting to show a technique.

I will often use my own art practice pieces in critique in class to illustrate my thought process in terms of what I am going to do next on this piece and why.

I can get very animated!

Some workshops with less people everyone gets a table and we can all really spread out which is nice.
A students works with GOLDEN liquid acrylics practicing overlapping frames design and glazing with polymer medium and paint.

I was so astounded at this piece of work that "student" Anni Hunt gave it to me! Unbelievably this was her first experience working with paint.

Working on projects... I've often had students glare at me unconsciously when I let them know they've got a few more minutes of working time before the next demonstration! They get so into their art work it's awesome!

New York City building emerging from a horizontal overlapping frames abstract piece. It was fun to see this piece develop.

one word: wow. I love the use of colour here.

This was the October 31st workshop, hence the halloween hat!

Beautiful student abstract landscape pieces!

getting started glazing, layering and trusting with the flow of art making here!

Wow, students simply blow me away with their creations!

Often, the first exercise in the workshop is a "copy cat"...students pick an abstract painting image from a magazine or book and use it as inspiration or directly copy it to get the creative juices flowing.

I encourage students to work on many pieces at a time!

Laying pieces in progress out to dry.

Another version of abstract lanscapes, no two are alike.

I often give students specific projects to learn certain techniques and concepts. Here Holly is working hard on the Patchwork assignment.

Lots of water available to keep painting and not have to stop. Go Aubrey!

Molly's in her groove. You can see the workbook next to her. We follow that for the entire "Energizing and Experimental Abstract Painting ( INTRO) class in acrylics and mixed media" so students don't have to worry about taking copious's all in the book.

I get inspired every time I teach! Love seeing what students come up with!

You will have FUN!
I always make a point of sharing my SMIGLs ritual at the end of each workshop. What were your Successes, Magic Moments, Intuitions, Gratitudes and Learnings today? Write them down!

2011 workshop schedule is now up!

Brock House Art Class End of Year Party & Art Show

We wrapped up our nine week Experimental and Energizing Abstract Painting class in acrylics at Brock house with a wonderful party and art show at Brock House Community Center in the conservatory. All the artists brought friends and family and hung their work up on clothes pegs around the room. Cas, the cook extraordinaire, made polenta, biscotti and all sorts of other treats for us to enjoy. Fantastic turnout and a great way to end the semester! See you all next year, Deb!

Breathing Space...hike at Point Lobos, California

I've been saving this blog post for a while... I figured after The Crawl, I'd probably be going into hiding for a while, which usually means being in nature and not much communication with the outside world and pretty much no computers, internet, facebook, twitter or phones...

So, you won't be seeing much of me unless you're signed up for my our December 11th one day Goal Planning workshop in Dunbar area of Vancouver, BC - then I'll see you then. (inquiries

Here is some outdoor inspiration we enjoyed during our October trip to California for your "breathings space" enjoyment! Pictures are from our hike at Point Lobos State Park.

We enjoyed a beautiful morning hike at Point Lobos and then finished the day off with an awesome lunch in Carmel at "Tommy's Wok" - a must eat chinese food restaurant that is unbelievably great food and excellent prices !!! - and said said hello to Greg's friends Deborah & Kerry Lee and owners of Kerry Lee Remarkable Jewelry of Carmel. Our last stop was at Winfield Gallery where we spoke with gallery owner Chris Winfield and I fell in love with encaustic artist Tracy Adams...(Made the big splurge and bought Tracy's retrospective full colour brochure "Mindful Inversions" - AWESOME!!!) (!!!)

Getting the pack organized (or something!)

We could hear sea lions barking from the shore!
Interesting red iron oxide coloured fungus growing on these trees.

Nature wins every time for best art!

Beautiful bay!

This bay is renown for whalers and even had a little museum with lots of information about whaling.

This is from inside the whaler's museum.

The CRAWL party pictures

Three days of art, friends, kids, and fun... Here are the pictures. Thank you all for coming by!

The weekend was busy. We had people coming through the studios pretty much constantly. It was awesome to meet so many art lovers! Thank you for everyone that came by!
A few close up shots of some of my by Kiona - thank you!

Rosa with her art work!

My mom in my studio.

Ruthie playing the frog game with Jessica Bell.

2 paintings never shown before and as of Dec 2010 are still available...both are 16 x 16"

2 more paintings never shown before and as of Dec 2010 are still available...both are 16 x 16"

A close up of a larger painting - this one recently sold!

Kiona, Luke and myself.

Follow your Heart. This painting is still available.

Both of these paintings sold at the CRAWL!

Ruthie playing shop keeper with Luke!

Deb, Tara, Alise, Katherine, and Kiona.
The show is nothing without all the art lovers, friends and family that came by to show their support. Thank you all!
My girlfriends Tara and Kiona with their kids.

The gift cards on display.

The infamous frog pond panels and pieces of the pond. There are some still availble. Check here to own your pieces of the pond!

See the bags and sideways table on the right hand side? this became a super cool fort Ruthie and I made on Sunday.

Up top: Raw expression paintings on paper. On the table: Patchwork Paper prints and little gems.

Rosa's amazing and beautiful work. Read about her and the other artist at the old foundry at: /debchaney/2010/11/introducing-artists-at-old-foundry.html

more of Rosa's awesome artwork.

Rosa and her man. Thank you both for putting up all the lights and signs! team super duper!

Looking down through my studio into Rosa's studio. It was fun to open the studios up like this.

Heather Craig's studio.

Inside Rojia's studio with her husband and brother. The party started here and worked itself upstairs!

The entrance hallways where we displayed our work... you walk through here to get to the studios.

Greg making the frog pond punch. The CRAWL was also the big release party for his CD FULL MOON FROG POND. you can get a sneak peak listen to it at:

My beautiful artist and friend Rojia in her oh-so-organized studio! Love that girl!

My friend Kris Holm comes by to see the work.

Ruthie kept busy playing with her little friends...

The pears are watercolour paintings on paper and there is one left!

My mom snapping photos!

Rojia and myself behind RAW EXPRESSION paintings.

The process behind the FULL MOON FROG POND paintings

Presenting ...the making of the three original paintings inspired by Gregory Rosa's deep listening CD release: FULL MOON FROG POND. In this blog I'm taking you 'behind the scenes' into my studio to see the process of creating the pond triptych paintings..enjoy!

I started this triptych of paintings with a walk with Greg around the Frog Pond near Jericho beach where he originally recorded the frog sounds that inspired this compilation. During this walk we formulated the idea of creating original art work to go with the CD release as a special edition for collectors and also to raise money for the Wilderness Committee.

I began by asking Greg for any paperwork on this music project that I could use to formulate the content of these paintings. He gave me images for the CD cover and back as well as an aerial view of the frog pond, a sketch of his music score notes "FMFP thinking", an image of a frog and a copy of the music itself. My content was clear: frogs and my focus the frog pond - both interlaced with the music that Greg created from this.

My next step was to get clear on my colour. I chose to follow the greens used in his album cover along with an analogous suite of colours including green shades, blues, whites and blacks.

I began by laying out the three Arches 300 pound water colour paper and sketching out in pencil the layout of the frog pond, based on the aerial view and through it the lines noting where Greg made the recordings of the frog sounds. I used a T-square ruler to make the lines and drew triangles where they intersected.

I drew an outline of the pond and I then used clear tar gel to outline the pond and for later when I would put in the "water" so it wouldn't go outside of the pond borders. I used white gesso around the pond to prime the marshland for painting of the analogous greens.

I wanted to keep the aerial image of the path around the pond where we walked and talked bout this project to begin with. I used Artist Safe Removal tape and GAC 500 to delineate the path around the pond.

I used wet on wet india ink for the ground layer of the pond and its black edges. The effects created where similar to what we saw in the aerial photograph which was exciting and gave the pond some nice features and characteristics. The ink and water stayed within the boundaries because of the clear tar gel surrounding it.

The black and white painting really resembled the aerial photograph!

This part was so fun! I love wet on wet india ink on paper!

I then painted the green marsh land - the frog's homes- surrounding the pond.

After the india ink layer was dry I began to layer the lake with liquid acrylic paint mixed with gloss medium polymer to give the lake its glossy sheen. I applied several layers like this, allowing each one to dry after the next one. when the paint began to puddle or pool in one area I used a large sea sponge to remove excess paint and the action of moving the sponge over the lake reminded me of frogs hopping around which was fun and resonance of the theme.

Once the lake and the marsh land were dry, i took the papers Greg had given me and reverse transferred them into the painting. Look closely and you will see image of frogs, the album cover, the music score.

I then added scratch marks denoting the foldable surrounding the pond with pencil and lyra pencil crayons within the green marshy area and also did some loose sketches of frogs…as well as writing in with india ink (PITT pens) the titles of the scores on this album. These markings are all hidden beneath a final wash of titanium white i used over the green marshy area.

To complete the paintings I painted them with a gloss medium water mixture isolation coat and varnish them with museum quality archival varnish. greg and I will then have them photographed as their full 3 pieces and then tear them into 27 individual abstract pieces of the pond which will be available to collectors as a limited edition with the FULL MOON FROG POND CD.

To buy a piece of the pond, and own an original limited edition copy of FULL MOON FROG POND CD click here to see what's available, please note that CD's are only available for art collectors:

Come and see the paintings in the flesh and party with us all weekend long, here are ALL the details: /debchaney/2010/11/its-comingcanadas-biggest-open-artist.html

You want the music but you don't want to buy any worries.. you can download the CD here:

Yes, we have a facebook page: click here to join us:

You want to interview Greg & Deb because you think this is so way cool! Please contact

Press Contact:
Naomi Dayneswood


New work: pieces of the pond

I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite original art pieces of the pond available with a limited edition FULL MOON FROG POND CD...

(personally I like these individually pieces even better than the whole pond as they each take on a life of their own...some resembling abstract landscape pieces...) enjoy!

9 x 12" Mixed Media, Acrylics, India Ink, & Collage
on 300 pound paper
(C) 2010 Deb Chaney

9 x 12" Mixed Media, Acrylics, India Ink, & Collage
on 300 pound paper
(C) 2010 Deb Chaney

9 x 12" Mixed Media, Acrylics, India Ink, & Collage
on 300 pound paper
(C) 2010 Deb Chaney

9 x 12" Mixed Media, Acrylics, India Ink, & Collage
on 300 pound paper
(C) 2010 Deb Chaney

9 x 12" Mixed Media, Acrylics, India Ink, & Collage
on 300 pound paper
(C) 2010 Deb Chaney

Own a piece of the pond!

You are cordially invited to the CD release and art unveiling of “FULL MOON FROG POND” on Friday, November 26th at 6pm , as part of Vancouver’s Eastside Cultural Crawl at Deb Chaney’s studio, 1790 Vernon Drive.

Monday November 29, 2010, Vancouver, B.C., Canada - Vancouver sound artist Gregory Rosa and abstract painter Deb Chaney joined forces to create a CD and painting series—FULL MOON FROG POND—and will donate 10% of their proceeds to the Wilderness Committee, Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness protection group.

The couple’s “Own A Piece of the Pond!” campaign is designed to raise money for the Committee by offering original artwork that complements the music, as a special limited edition for sale to art collectors. The couple will be having a CD release and art unveiling on Friday, November 26th at
Chaney’s studio, as part of Vancouver’s annual Eastside Culture Crawl.

Rosa layered the main track of the CD using a field recording he made of Pacific Tree Frogs at Jericho Park on a full moon springtime night. Inspired by the music, Chaney created an abstract mixed media acrylic triptych, based on the outline of the pond. Chaney then tore each panel into nine individual abstract pieces, and these 27 pieces are available to collectors with an accompanying CD. A high-quality, limited edition photographic reproduction of the triptych is also available, also with CD.

Gregory Rosa (né Molesky) is an emerging New Music sound artist who creates contemplative, deep listening works. He is also a writer-director, and currently has a project in development as part of Telefilm’s Feature Film Fund.

Deb Chaney is an emerging contemporary abstract artist who paints large layered mixed media
abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Her most recent body of work, “Pure Abstraction,” takes her art to a deeper level in expressing her deep passion for nature via the thick layering of mixed medias, sand, paper and acrylic paints.

The Wilderness Committee, founded in 1980, is a registered non-profit society with charitable status. With over 30,000 members from coast to coast to coast, and 40,000 additional donors and volunteers, they are Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness protection group.

Press Contact:
Naomi Dayneswood


Studio for Rent, Dec 1st, Vancouver, BC

Artist Studio for Rent Dec 1. 2010. At 1790 Vernon Drive and called the Old Foundry Building. The building houses many small businesses and our part is about 1800 square feet. We house artists and film makers. Our neighbours are an iron worker and a carpenter and a stone workers. The space that is available costs 229.00 and is about 225 square feet. It shares 450 square feet with another person who is rarely there. Good light access to water and no heat (everyone uses space heaters. Electricity is paid for in the 229.00. There are two other painters in the space one downstairs and one up adjacent to the space that is available. The rest of the ware house which is used by people in the film industry who essentially use it for storage. We are on in Culture Crawl. Inquiries Rojia Dash -

Introducing the artists at the Old Foundry Building

Introducing the Artists working at 1790 and 1760 Vernon Drive,
The Old Foundry Buildling (map link)

The artist at the Old Foundry Building. We are stone and wood sculptures, sketchers, painters, jewerly makers, metal workers, designers, cooks and more. Come visit us November 26-27 28th Friday Saturday and Sunday for our OPEN STUDIO EVENT exhibits and sales during the 14th Annual Culture Crawl.

A bit about the "Old Foundry Warehouse" We do not have a date when the warehouse was built but it originally was a foundry. Some of the things that were made and repaired at the foundry were varied and spanned several industries. There was marine parts, wood processing, railway parts and mining supplies - wheels to bollards. Cast steel, cast iron, bronze and copper were some of the materials used to produce items. Now the Old Foundry Building houses many small businesses from several artists, to a fitness centre, to a dog day care and there remains one iron worker.

Marie Bortolotto


Marie Bortolotto is a sculptor living in Vancouver, BC Canada who works primarily in stone and wood to create contemporary sculptures based on simple organic forms found in nature. She graduated from the NSCAD University, 1996, with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree focusing on sculpture and performance art. During this time, she lived and worked in Pietrasanta, Italy, a mecca for international stone sculptors and artisans. Currently, her work explores the vessel form with its multiple uses as a functional object and a ceremonial one. Intrigued by how all life feeds on life, her hand carved vessels articulate an awareness of the responsibility of feeding beyond oneself, into the invisible realm of ancestry and memory where reverence and gratitude are evoked. Overall, her work is inspired by the underlying belief in the power of art to transform, renew and sustain our modern human lives. See website

Russell Broughton


Russell Broughton graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. He studied stone carving in the Vaucluse region of France. The current body of work represents the past year’s exploration of various organic and structural themes.

Russell makes his home in Vancouver with his very patient husband and two busy little dogs.

Deb Chaney

Contemporary Abstract Painting

Deb Chaney is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, since 2007. She has been painting for over ten years both large and small layered mixed media abstract paintings on canvas and paper.

Her work is exhibited at SWITCH Boutique in Beverly Hills and Castle Estate Dealers of Kerrisdale in Vancouver. Deb was recently commissioned by RainMaker Films, Inc. and her art is held by private collectors throughout the world.

She is predominantly self-taught, she has enjoyed privilege of studying with several prominent Californian artists such as Ann Baldwin, Bob Burridge, and Adolfo Girala.

Deb is also a published writer. She is the author of The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women [2000. Trafford Publishing.] and a contributing author to Sand in my Bra, Funny Women Write From the Road [2002. Traveler’s Tales Publishing].

As well as maintaining her own studio practice, she teaches Illuminate the Artist Within™ workshops, and weekly abstract painting classes at Brock House Community Center in Vancouver.

Heather Craig

Painting and Drawing

Heather Craig earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. She continued her education at Simon Fraser University where she received a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Her first career was in health care, practicing as a nurse in numerous capacities in various parts of Canada and the USA. Along side the practice of art Heather is active in other fields. Currently she is working to change the way we treat people with mental illnesses by raising funds for research in depression, through speaking engagements, through writing and as an educator at the University of British Columbia in the School of Medicine. Her continuing studies, her observations about life, and her engagement with volunteer and professional work informs her artwork. Heather lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Rojia Dadashzadeh

Painting/Greeting Card

Rojia Dadashzadeh lives and works in Vancouver. She comes from a diverse creative background. She graduated with honours in fine arts from University of Waterloo. She continued her post graduate studies at Sheridan in New Media Design. She worked in Vancouver for numerous creative studios including VRX Studio, Studio B production and Coastal Jazz (Vancouver International Jazz Festival) as a graphic and web designer. She then moved to Paris where she attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and became a chef in cuisine and pastry. She returned to Vancouver in September 2008 and has been actively involved in the art community ever since. At the moment she works at her studio in the Old Foundry Building. She also works in the Kitchen at John Bishop's restaurant and teaches art at John Oliver High School. She is studying character development through clownology at the Fantastic Space Enterprise.

Oliver Harwood


Oliver Harwood was born in Paksong, Laos in 1969 Oliver grew up between Laos, Thailand, South

Africa, Switzerland and Canada. Oliver took a 4 year Bachelor of Arts in

History at University of New Brunswick, then attended Nova Scotia College

of Art and Design, graduating with a BFA in 1996. At NSCAD Oliver focused

on drawing and sculpture and was accepted for his first solo exhibition by

the end of first year. In his second year Oliver received a scholarship to

study in Italy where he lived and carved in the famous region of Carrara.

Surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany, Oliver found himself working in the

vicinity of numerous international sculptors, learning much through

discussion and observation. Since art college Oliver has produced several

bodies of work for exhibitions and has complete several private and public

sculpture commissions. His work is collected in Canada and USA. Since 2004

Oliver has lived in Vancouver, BC and continues to develop his sculpture

for exhibition and public art. or

Rosa Quintana Lillo

Painting and Drawing

For the last fifteen years, Rosa Quintana Lilo has worked on mixed media paintings out of her studios in Vancouver and Agassiz and at various Residencies at Emma Lake, Saskatchewan and Mexico. Her work communicates an introspective reflection of psychology and nature. Immersing herself into the atmosphere of her surrounding environment is where she finds the catalysts needed to paint her inspired works. Her lines and textures are expressionistic conveying mood, affecting the surfaces in unpredictable ways. Her paintings incorporate mixed media acrylics, inks, waxes and glues. Her work is in collections throughout Europe, the US, Canada and Mexico. She has worked for some of Canada’s most prominent West Coast First Nations artists, Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Susan Point. Her primary work for these artists was the production of carvings, rubber moulds and castings in various materials. She has worked for the Vancouver Film Industry as a sculptor and Props maker, as a mould maker and caster for contemporary Vancouver artists and as a sessional instructor at Emily Carr University and The Art Institute of Vancouver.

She is currently working on the production of ongoing/new bodies of work out of her studios in Vancouver and Agassiz, British Columbia.

Simon Muscat

Stone Carvings and Jewelry

' Yap' sterling silver and leather neck piece.

Simon Muscat at the age of 18 emigrated to Canada from Malta to pursue a career in jewelry. In my twenties attended various arts and craft schools in Ontario,exploring a range of mediums and materials . My twenties and thirties living in Toronto and supporting myself through my jewelry making. By my early forties had a wonderful opportunity to move to the west coast to Salt Spring island to start gem carving with one of north America foremost gem carvers. This allowed me to integrate gem carving to my jewelry making. Now in my mid fifties, have turned my focus to carving granite in conjunction to building .

Getting ready for the East End Culture Crawl...

I am slowly but surely getting ready for the East Side Culture Crawl. In preparations the organizers have asked us to provide various materials for the media and to educate visitors to out work and backgrounds. Here are some public relations pieces I have put together recently for that purpose. For full details on the locations and times of my open studio, pls see the previous blog post. Thank you.

Here is the piece that (fingers crossed) will be submitted in the Red Book.. . a binder kept at the information kiosk for the Crawl so that visitors can thumb through it and see what studios they might like to visit.

By the way... the images you see in this poster are all 9 x 12" and all originals and for sale at my studio. My guess is these will go fast so be there friday night 6pm!

A behind the scenes visual of what goes into my paintings...
All the details about myself as an artist, this OPEN STUDIO event, artist statement, blah blah blah! :)

“ I am excited to be participating in The Crawl for the first time and am honored to have spent this year working alongside my studio mates at The Old Foundry Building”

-Deb Chaney

New to The Crawl

This is Deb Chaney’s first year participating in The Crawl as she recently moved back to her hometown of Vancouver after spending a decade pursuing her craft in Southern California.

The Exhibit

Large and small works from the last five years of painting will be on exhibit and available for sale. Deb will also be unveiling a special series of paintings developed in partnership with Vancouver sound artist Gregory Rosa to visually accompany the CD release FULL MOON FROG POND.

Artist Bio

Deb Chaney is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, since 2007. She has been painting for over ten years both large and small layered mixed media abstract paintings on canvas and paper.

Her work is exhibited at SWITCH Boutique in Beverly Hills and Castle Estate Dealers of Kerrisdale in Vancouver. Deb was recently commissioned by RainMaker Films, Inc. and her art is held by private collectors throughout the world.

She is predominantly self-taught, she has enjoyed privilege of studying with several prominent Californian artists such as Ann Baldwin, Bob Burridge, and Adolfo Girala.

Deb is also a published writer. She is the author of The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women [2000. Trafford Publishing.] and a contributing author to Sand in my Bra, Funny Women Write From the Road [2002. Traveler’s Tales Publishing].

As well as maintaining her own studio practice, she teaches Illuminate the Artist Within™ workshops, and weekly abstract painting classes at Brock House Community Center in Vancouver.

Artist Statement

I create large contemporary abstract paintings, rich in texture, with many intriguing layers of mixed media, acrylics, liquid metals, iridescent powders, sand, and collage elements. My creative process begins with inspiration from nature.

Sometimes I gather raw materials such as sand to include in my work. I begin each piece by journaling and making sketches about the initial inspiration and its essence. When I paint I let the painting guide me—“listening” to the piece in progress--and allowing it to guide me to its next step. I paint with large sky flow brushes, palette knives, sea sponges, sturdy workshop rags, and even my fingers and sleeves.

It's coming..Canada's biggest open artist studio event!

What: it's coming..Canada's biggest open artist studio event! the East End Culture Crawl.

Where: The Old Foundry Building, 1790 Vernon Drive, East Vancouver, BC, V6A 3T8

Friday November 26th 5-10 PM
Saturday November 27th 11 am - 6 PM
Sunday November 28th 11 am - 6PM

Why: This is a chance to see over 300 artists in their studios...see their work, look at their workplaces. Everything from wood art, metal art, painting, ceramics and more. Be part of something special. See where the magic happens behind the scenes...

How do I find Deb Chaney's studio?
The Old Foundry Building, 1790 Vernon Drive, East Vancouver, BC, V6A 3T8

What Deb will have available:

Deb will have large original abstract art on canvas as well as gift cards, small 8 x10 and 5x7 prints - ranging from $5 on up. Here's a sample of a small 9 x 12 original on canvas for only $35. There are many, many more unique pieces like this to choose from.

Special offers & promotions during this 3 day time:

Each day a raffle with your business cards will be held with a chance to win a 5 x7 " print of one of Deb's most popular print images "valley of hearts".
Deb will also be offering workshop discounts and packages of private lesson discounts for those of you that sign up at the Crawl. Ask about this when you visit her studio. See you there!

The big party Friday November 26th 5-10 PM We'll have finger food, non-alcoholic beverages, music and more for our opening night. Join us!

Children are welcome! We will have a special craft table set up for kids with art supplies so they can stay busy while parents enjoy the art work and meet the artists!

Come early on friday...we'll have veggie "frog legs" and "pond punch" and other munchies! (please note that Crawl rules are that all alcohol is prohibited, thank you)

California Road Trip final destination: Pacific Grove

After Ashland and Half Moon Bay our final stop was Pacific Grove where we stayed for several days and enjoyed this sleepy sea side town. Deer literally wander around town amongst the Cypress and Eucalyptus trees. The coastline is so beautiful its hypnotic to just sit and watch the surf rolling in. I will definitely be coming back here!

Beautiful architecture.

Peppers Mexican restaurant - awesome Mexican food and ambiance!

Totally chillen' at the beach... while we were there we saw a pod of about 14 dolphins jumping and playing out in the ocean.
Nothing like the Pacific Coast...

Courtyards within courtyards at the B&B where we stayed. Quiet and quaint.

Road trip stop #2: Half Moon Bay, California

Our second stop was to visit our friends Tom and Rachel the co-authors of Alfonso the Christmas Pumpkin, a sweet children's book and wonderful gift for any little ones in your life. They were expecting a baby any minute when we were if you see their picture and she looks pregnant - she is!!!

Tom and Rachel live in quaint little Half Moon Bay, California - right outside the San Francisco Bay area. This time of year was the Famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, so there was pumpkin paraphernalia and decorations everywhere. Here are a few photos from our explorations around town and along the coast...

Tom and Rachel minutes away from baby delivery...a nice pre-child dinner out.

Greg & Deb done up and out for dinner in Half Moon Bay.

Gorgeous architecture...

pumpkins everywhere..

Believe it or not I think someone lives in this reconstructed boat!

A retreat center we came across on the beach...very interesting

Ashland, Oregon

This October I drove from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, California to meet with a friend who is opening an art gallery downtown San Francisco next year.

My boyfriend and I decided to make a trip of it and made a few artistically inspirational stops along the way that I wanted to share with you here from our trip.

Here's our first stop in Ashland, Oregon -where the annual Shakespeare festival is held- and where we enjoyed some fabulous food at the Dragon Fly Restaurant, a walk through town and some time in nature at the park located in the center of town.

Recent Studio happenings - October 2010

Recent studio happenings from this summer 2010 and fall...

Lulu Fiedler, jewelry maker by trade, decided she wanted to learn abstract painting and signed up for a series of six private lessons with myself in the studio. Her jewerly work is fabulous and for view at Lulu is working on abstract landscape pieces and her goal is to paint a large piece for her home.

This painting in process is making me think of frogs and frog ponds!

I"m in love with a new liquitex product! Liquitex Pouring medium - its like using the gloss medium and varnish but with a lower viscosity. Very cool.
A glipse of my new custom made dry rack table. I can work on up to six large painting and have them dry flat underneath the table. Works really well for my painting style.

Getting organized with a tryptic commision painting on the right table there. In the background is a piece that needs a few more layers...I'm still getting up the courage to touch that one!
In the background on the wall, Song for a Winter's Night painting in process. Just a few more layers and she's there. Love the dark graphite underneath the thick snow-like glossy waxy layers. I used Nancy Reyner's Encaustic formula for this one as well as lots of other products such a s moulding paste, pouring medium and regular gel! It's been a labour of love!
Odd random studio shots....

Often times when I'm working I stop and stand on a chair to give myself perspective on the painting I'm working on. Here's what It looks like up on that chair!

Studio visitor - artist Lisa Penz

This summer fellow Vancouver artist Lisa Penz came to paint and play with Ruthie and I in my studio....a wonderful afternoon was had by all! Please scroll down past the photos for details about Lisa and her work and recent accomplishments.

Lisa Penz is proud to announce that she will be showcasing her stylish acrylic pop portraits at Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe (3598 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC/604-733-8308) starting June 22, 2010 from 10 am to 9:30 pm 7 days a week.

Penz, known for her alluring explorations into female imagery, has participated in only very exclusive public exhibitions since returning from Australia in 2008, citing a need to revisit her artistic expression. Recently, she begun showing her work to the mainstream market again starting with a custom painting of Coco Rocha commissioned by the international model for her annual ‘Strut For A Cure’ cancer fundraiser gala and live auction hosted at the magnificent Berkeley Church on May 27 in downtown Toronto.

“I am excited about the opportunity to showcase my art to Vancouver again.” says Penz. “Aphrodite’s is a unique and dynamic venue that really supports the contemporary art movement – a rare opportunity in the Lower Mainland.”

Penz’s style focuses on highlighting dramatic female features. Within each painting, Penz uses her talent for creating vibrant and invoking images to tell a story that captivates and inspires onlookers.

Fans of Penz’s work will also be treated to exquisite alternative themes that she has explored. This includes Penz’s venture into roses, which according to the artist, are “similar to painting women because they have many layers, that when unfolded, reveal beautiful perspectives. Most artists like to experiment with other themes, just to enhance their creative approach, and I’m not alone in that by any means. Unfortunately, most of us do not get to present these journeys when we exhibit – we only get to show one side of our talent. It’s nice to be able to tell my whole story as an artist at a single venue; at a single point in time.”

Penz’s work will be available for viewing from June 22 to July 15. Select prints will also be available for purchase on location. Visit for more information about the artist.

Penz is available for interviews and private tours of the gallery. Please contact her at or phone at 604-512-0555.