Recent Studio happenings - October 2010

Recent studio happenings from this summer 2010 and fall...

Lulu Fiedler, jewelry maker by trade, decided she wanted to learn abstract painting and signed up for a series of six private lessons with myself in the studio. Her jewerly work is fabulous and for view at Lulu is working on abstract landscape pieces and her goal is to paint a large piece for her home.

This painting in process is making me think of frogs and frog ponds!

I"m in love with a new liquitex product! Liquitex Pouring medium - its like using the gloss medium and varnish but with a lower viscosity. Very cool.
A glipse of my new custom made dry rack table. I can work on up to six large painting and have them dry flat underneath the table. Works really well for my painting style.

Getting organized with a tryptic commision painting on the right table there. In the background is a piece that needs a few more layers...I'm still getting up the courage to touch that one!
In the background on the wall, Song for a Winter's Night painting in process. Just a few more layers and she's there. Love the dark graphite underneath the thick snow-like glossy waxy layers. I used Nancy Reyner's Encaustic formula for this one as well as lots of other products such a s moulding paste, pouring medium and regular gel! It's been a labour of love!
Odd random studio shots....

Often times when I'm working I stop and stand on a chair to give myself perspective on the painting I'm working on. Here's what It looks like up on that chair!