California Road Trip final destination: Pacific Grove

After Ashland and Half Moon Bay our final stop was Pacific Grove where we stayed for several days and enjoyed this sleepy sea side town. Deer literally wander around town amongst the Cypress and Eucalyptus trees. The coastline is so beautiful its hypnotic to just sit and watch the surf rolling in. I will definitely be coming back here!

Beautiful architecture.

Peppers Mexican restaurant - awesome Mexican food and ambiance!

Totally chillen' at the beach... while we were there we saw a pod of about 14 dolphins jumping and playing out in the ocean.
Nothing like the Pacific Coast...

Courtyards within courtyards at the B&B where we stayed. Quiet and quaint.

Road trip stop #2: Half Moon Bay, California

Our second stop was to visit our friends Tom and Rachel the co-authors of Alfonso the Christmas Pumpkin, a sweet children's book and wonderful gift for any little ones in your life. They were expecting a baby any minute when we were if you see their picture and she looks pregnant - she is!!!

Tom and Rachel live in quaint little Half Moon Bay, California - right outside the San Francisco Bay area. This time of year was the Famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, so there was pumpkin paraphernalia and decorations everywhere. Here are a few photos from our explorations around town and along the coast...

Tom and Rachel minutes away from baby delivery...a nice pre-child dinner out.

Greg & Deb done up and out for dinner in Half Moon Bay.

Gorgeous architecture...

pumpkins everywhere..

Believe it or not I think someone lives in this reconstructed boat!

A retreat center we came across on the beach...very interesting