Breathing Space...hike at Point Lobos, California

I've been saving this blog post for a while... I figured after The Crawl, I'd probably be going into hiding for a while, which usually means being in nature and not much communication with the outside world and pretty much no computers, internet, facebook, twitter or phones...

So, you won't be seeing much of me unless you're signed up for my our December 11th one day Goal Planning workshop in Dunbar area of Vancouver, BC - then I'll see you then. (inquiries

Here is some outdoor inspiration we enjoyed during our October trip to California for your "breathings space" enjoyment! Pictures are from our hike at Point Lobos State Park.

We enjoyed a beautiful morning hike at Point Lobos and then finished the day off with an awesome lunch in Carmel at "Tommy's Wok" - a must eat chinese food restaurant that is unbelievably great food and excellent prices !!! - and said said hello to Greg's friends Deborah & Kerry Lee and owners of Kerry Lee Remarkable Jewelry of Carmel. Our last stop was at Winfield Gallery where we spoke with gallery owner Chris Winfield and I fell in love with encaustic artist Tracy Adams...(Made the big splurge and bought Tracy's retrospective full colour brochure "Mindful Inversions" - AWESOME!!!) (!!!)

Getting the pack organized (or something!)

We could hear sea lions barking from the shore!
Interesting red iron oxide coloured fungus growing on these trees.

Nature wins every time for best art!

Beautiful bay!

This bay is renown for whalers and even had a little museum with lots of information about whaling.

This is from inside the whaler's museum.