Studio for Rent, Dec 1st, Vancouver, BC

Artist Studio for Rent Dec 1. 2010. At 1790 Vernon Drive and called the Old Foundry Building. The building houses many small businesses and our part is about 1800 square feet. We house artists and film makers. Our neighbours are an iron worker and a carpenter and a stone workers. The space that is available costs 229.00 and is about 225 square feet. It shares 450 square feet with another person who is rarely there. Good light access to water and no heat (everyone uses space heaters. Electricity is paid for in the 229.00. There are two other painters in the space one downstairs and one up adjacent to the space that is available. The rest of the ware house which is used by people in the film industry who essentially use it for storage. We are on in Culture Crawl. Inquiries Rojia Dash -