The CRAWL party pictures

Three days of art, friends, kids, and fun... Here are the pictures. Thank you all for coming by!

The weekend was busy. We had people coming through the studios pretty much constantly. It was awesome to meet so many art lovers! Thank you for everyone that came by!
A few close up shots of some of my by Kiona - thank you!

Rosa with her art work!

My mom in my studio.

Ruthie playing the frog game with Jessica Bell.

2 paintings never shown before and as of Dec 2010 are still available...both are 16 x 16"

2 more paintings never shown before and as of Dec 2010 are still available...both are 16 x 16"

A close up of a larger painting - this one recently sold!

Kiona, Luke and myself.

Follow your Heart. This painting is still available.

Both of these paintings sold at the CRAWL!

Ruthie playing shop keeper with Luke!

Deb, Tara, Alise, Katherine, and Kiona.
The show is nothing without all the art lovers, friends and family that came by to show their support. Thank you all!
My girlfriends Tara and Kiona with their kids.

The gift cards on display.

The infamous frog pond panels and pieces of the pond. There are some still availble. Check here to own your pieces of the pond!

See the bags and sideways table on the right hand side? this became a super cool fort Ruthie and I made on Sunday.

Up top: Raw expression paintings on paper. On the table: Patchwork Paper prints and little gems.

Rosa's amazing and beautiful work. Read about her and the other artist at the old foundry at: /debchaney/2010/11/introducing-artists-at-old-foundry.html

more of Rosa's awesome artwork.

Rosa and her man. Thank you both for putting up all the lights and signs! team super duper!

Looking down through my studio into Rosa's studio. It was fun to open the studios up like this.

Heather Craig's studio.

Inside Rojia's studio with her husband and brother. The party started here and worked itself upstairs!

The entrance hallways where we displayed our work... you walk through here to get to the studios.

Greg making the frog pond punch. The CRAWL was also the big release party for his CD FULL MOON FROG POND. you can get a sneak peak listen to it at:

My beautiful artist and friend Rojia in her oh-so-organized studio! Love that girl!

My friend Kris Holm comes by to see the work.

Ruthie kept busy playing with her little friends...

The pears are watercolour paintings on paper and there is one left!

My mom snapping photos!

Rojia and myself behind RAW EXPRESSION paintings.