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The three most significant take-aways I got from reading ‘The Universe Has Your Back’


Over Christmas my girlfriend Melanie got herself a copy of ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein.

I got SO excited when I heard the title - I felt like I HAD to read it!

In the new year, when I was over at Mel’s place visiting and asked her If I could please borrow her copy. She was reluctant to part with it. I could see all the underlines and highlights and I could tell that she wasn’t ready to let it go. I was thinking that this book must be that good… Now I was willing to go to extra lengths to get a hold of it!

I had already checked my local library but the book was so new it hadn’t been acquired yet. So I went online that night and ordered myself a copy.

A month or so later, I finished reading this book and now I’m inspired to share with you the three most significant take-aways I got from within its pages.

(The other motivation I have in writing this, is to refer back to it myself when I want to remember some key points from the book, without having to re-read the whole thing!)

First, and my most favourite take-aways from this book, are the little powerful prayers that Gabrielle says to the Universe and gives to us in an effort to support us in living a life guided and inspired from love instead of fear.

“Thank you, Universe for transforming this current limitation, doubt, and fear into creative possibilities.”

“Thank you, Universe for helping me see beyond my limitations. Thank you for expanding my perceptions so I can attract


.” (X = whatever you are currently desiring)

“ Thank you, Universe for helping me see this obstacle as an opportunity. I will step back and let you lead the way.”

(I just LOVE this one. If you follow me on


you’ll know that yesterday’s video blog was all about an obstacle/opportunity that I experienced with some studio visitors whose favourite word seemed to be ‘NO’ when looking through my art inventory and some techniques I use to handle rejection.)

“Universe, thank you for helping me find joy in this situation.”

“Universe, let me see this person for the first time.”

“I recognize I have chosen this thought wrongly, I forgive this thought, and I choose again. I choose thoughts based in love.”

“I recognize I have chosen fear, and I choose again. I choose love. “

“ Today I surrender my goals and plans to the care of the Universe. I offer up my agenda and accept spiritual guidance. I trust that there is a plan far greater than mine. I know that where there once was lack and limitation there are spiritual solutions and creative ideas. I step back and let love lead the way. Thy will be done.”

(this one is one of my top favs.)

These prayers are a beautiful way to getting back on track when we loose our connection to Source and forget how loved and supported we truly are.

Secondly, Ms. Bernstein asks us some wonderful and powerful questions in this book.

I love great questions because they can truly shape our perception and our created reality. There is an entire chapter in

Awaken the Giant Within

by Tony Robbins about how this works and the power of asking ourselves good questions.

How will I face fear with a miracle mindset?

Will I learn through fear or love?

What if I chose for this to be fun?

How can I truly enjoy my work and be of service to my customers?

What would your life be like if you knew you were always being guided?

And, thirdly, I found some deep wisdom in

The Universe Has Your Back

that really inspired me in living my life from a place of strength and trust:

“My true power is in the love and peace within me.”

“Trust would settle every problem, now.”

“The key to living in peace is surrender.”

“Freedom from fear is true healing.”

“ Our happiness is a direct reflection of how quickly we can restore our fear back to love.

“Notice how you are controlling your experiences and misaligning with the flow of the Universe.”

(This one really spoke to me today! I was having a Surrender Day today in which I had set bunch of guidelines - aka controls - for myself that listed as no tv, no computer, no phone, no “work” for the day; in an aim to meditate, feel, and be with myself.

I gave myself the one exception from these “guidelines”, however, of reading.

As my day evolved, it turns out I finished this book, excitement came over me, and I


to write this blog! ! !

Actually, I’d gone to such an extent to create this Surrender Day a certain way, that I had asked my husband to hide my computer! So, when my daughter came home from school, we went around the house hunting for my computer so I could write this blog!

That being all said, I’m feeling a ton of joy in writing and sharing this all with you, so I’m surrendering and trusting that this is all on purpose! )

“Instead of obsessing over a certain outcome, focus on how you would like to feel.”

(Well, going back to the above Surrender Day, if I were to consider this piece of wisdom, I would know that I wanted to feel at peace, grounded, fulfilled, trusting, thriving, happy, restful and content. I could choose to feel and create these feelings this regardless if what I did or didn’t do.)

“Remember, there’s no thing wrong with dreams, visions, and desires as long as you’re willing to surrender them.”

(Point taken Gaby, thank you. :-))

I can now see why my friend Mel wanted to keep her book close to her! We all need to feel that the universe has our back and that we are loved and supported. I am grateful for the prayers, questions, and wisdom imparted. I am grateful for my friend Mel for telling me about this book. And I thank Gabrielle Bernstein for listening to her guidance and writing this book. #gratitude

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Have you discovered the Power of Surrender?

Every week, for years now, I do one of the most difficult - yet fruitful  - tasks for my business. That is, I stop doing for one day. I stop  checking email, I stop painting and creating, I don’t attend any  meetings or give any talks, I don’t blog or post on social media,  sometimes I don’t even cook.I stop everything and take a whole day to rest, nurture myself, meditate  and unplug from anything digital, doing tasks, or work related. I often start this surrender experience by really checking in with  myself and asking what I need to feel good. ‘Hey Deb, what do you need  to feel good today?’ Please don’t think by any means this is easy. It's challenging to stop  doing. It goes against everything I grew up hearing on how to be. Fear  tells me I’ve got to do-do-do if I want to see results. Society tells me  I’ve got to “work hard” to make my dreams happen. The little mean  voices in my head tell me I’m lazy. And then, to top it off, I’ll often  have feelings come up that I’ve put aside and they can sometimes be  mighty uncomfortable. As much as I plan these ‘self-care’ days to be fun and blissful, sometimes they are spent on the sofa with a box of kleenex. “Okay, so she stops and rests and does nothing once a week. So what? Why should I care?” Good point. Here’s the part where I share with you why taking some time to Surrender  on a regular basis has been an extremely powerful ritual for me and my  business. Maybe it can support you manifesting your dreams too. That is, almost without fail, every time I take one of these days,  something super cool and magical happens afterwards that was not a  direct result of me doing something. It just lands in my lap. A few weeks ago, after my surrender day, Expedia approached me to come  and facilitate a corporate group to set goals and paint. Way cool! (I  would not even know who to contact in the company if I had thought to  approach them). Last week, after posting a blog on how I stay positive when my art is  not selling, which helps me surrender, someone emailed me and asked to  purchase the painting I had posted earlier that week on social media! Today, I took a day off with a box of kleenex - it was one of those days  - to find a text message from a group inviting me to come and share my  art process. Super cool. There is something magically powerful about stopping and surrendering  that can not only feel wonderful once us westerners come to terms with  doing nothing, but can also yield results and invite in opportunities  that, I believe, may not have arrived if we were out there doing the  same old thing. This week, I invite you to stop, surrender, and keep a look out for the magic. To your greatest masterpiece: your life,

with love, Deb

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New artwork 'Sleepy Hollow'


All this rain lately makes me want to crawl back in bed and inspired the name for this new piece; 'Sleepy Hollow' 11" x 15" mixed media on 300 pound paper (c) Deb Chaney 2017 original available date of post $270 or text (604)736-5111.  Original out of your price range? I'll have prints & giclee's available shortly at

Small Gestures Can Make Significant Differences

I have a dear friend who is, and has been for ages,  a huge supporter of me, my artwork, and my career as an artist. However, she was hesitating to support me on Patreon, possibly you are too, and let's be direct here: because of the money. However, this particular friend (she'll know it's her when she reads this part), is particularly self-aware and often takes the time to notice what's stopping her moving forward in her life and living the best and greatest possibility and vision of her own life.  Perhaps this is you too?

She'll take the time to notice what limiting beliefs are behind her not taking action. She'll investigate if it's a pattern and if this same pattern  is what is possibly also stopping her in other areas of her life. (Chances are very high)

She is exceptional. She  actually emailed me today and admitted that she wanted to show her support but was concerned that she could only do the $3 support tier at this time. I admire her honesty and vulnerability. I admire her getting uncomfortable and being willing to share this openly. I admire her going beyond all of the fear and finding a solution that worked for her, so she could show her support for me, and ultimately for the artist within herself.

(I will be direct with you on this last point: when you show support to someone in a particular area - for example a painter such as myself - you shine a light on your own creativity and the artist within you because this gesture says  YES! 'art matters', 'artists matter' and so internally you also receive the benefit of knowing  that YES! your own creativity matter. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between me and yourself.*)

My friend had the belief that $3 was not enough. Nonsense! I just want you to know, all of you, if you are considering supporting me at $3/month I am so so so grateful and happy for this gesture of kindness. THANK YOU.

I also need to express that this journey of mine has shifted and this brings up fear and lots of uncomfortable feelings for me also. I too have had to look at what beliefs and past habits have prevented me from moving forward to living my grandest version of this life of mine. I have had to take a good look at my willingness to receive. I have had to take a good look wthin myself and see what past habits and beliefs have prevented me from truly being and feeling supported. I am out of my comfort zone with this too.

I have been until now,  sharing my insights, inspirations, in-process paintings, behind the scenes studio happenings, in depth mixed media & abstract painting technical knowledge, and recent learnings all to you online free via my various social media accounts for over 15 years now.

I have now made a clear decision to streamline the tremendous value I offer on so many levels, and make it available to those of you who are willing to show up  and offer their support for me  - even at the smallest tier of $3 - which shows me appreciation, respect, and compensation for the value I offer. This is by no means a comfortable walk in the park for me to be asking you, my friend, for support. However, let me be clear. I am asking for your support, here, now.

I was originally trained early on to give it all away. I think many artists are.

Artists are instructed and guided to give away their art (it's often got the fancy word of 'charitable donation'), amoung many other aspects of themselves; share their techniques and so on - all in the name of marketing, finding success, being noticed and 'making it'. This is not working. I know this personally and from many talks I've given to groups, where artists have spoken up, raised their hands, and shared story after story of barely being able to pay rent, or buy supplies, or buy food, meanwhile being asked to give their art away for free, or pay for the shipping to the gallery, or to receive even less then 50% of the price of their artwork, or wait another month to receive their percentage of the sale, or to never receive their due compensation for the sale of their work ever (read The Art Cure by Bridget Mayer) .... It disgusts me that our community and society have tolerated treating us artists, such valuable and beautiful and essential members of our society, this way. For me, it ends here.

Artists cannot thrive by simply giving it all away. Most of us need extra help if we have not yet reached Pabloe Picasso's celebrity or are not yet receiving Jackson Pollock's pricing for our artworks.  If we don't create reliable income sources for ourselves in a way that nurtures us and feed us and give us time to create, we may be forced to give up and stop all together. We need to find new ways to make art while we  pay rent, and eat, and heat our homes and studios. This is where  Patreon comes in and is one of those new ways that believe:

We want to help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income. - Patreon Mission Statement

Even if a thousand people, just like yourself, decided to forgo their Starbucks coffee and sponsor and artist, for even a small a sum as $3, they would be making a huge significant difference in that artists life. Please don't underestimate the significant difference your even tiny regular contribution could make.

Nothing is too small and it is the meaning behind it that truly counts. THANK YOU for supporting this artist, from the bottom of her heart, from my heart. THANK YOU for honoring me and the value I bring. THANK YOU for respecting what I do. THANK YOU for being on my team.

My intention is that this money comes back to you ten-fold and that in your belonging to this exclusive community with me on Patron, that it  inspires you creatively beyond your wildest dreams!

Sincerely, Deb Chaney

*Need more on this concept? Please read Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi


Group of Studio Visitors Today

Tina&GirlsStudioVisit... There were a few more photos, but this fun blurred picture was the ONLY one with all our eyes open! So here we are!
Really enjoyed sharing my story of how I got started being an artist as well as showing and telling the group 3 different series of artworks they could potentially use with clients in their home staging, renovations, and interior design businesses;
Little Gems Series - Small paintings 9" x 12"
Fragments of Life Series - Medium size paintings, all 23" x 30"
and Very large paintings: Spirtuality meets Physicality Series (behind us in the picture) 42" x 42" and much larger.
We also had a very lively conversation about customer disqualifiers... as in, when do you stop wasting time on someone who doesn't want exactly what you have and isn't willing or able to pay for it? There are 5 unique questions you can ask potential customers to find this out, fast, stay tuned I will share this with you in a later blog post...
With these savy business women, on the other hand (and possibly more positive end of the spectrum) we also talked about how we qualify potential clients. I got inspired and wrote this note as the women spoke of their experience in busines working with ideal and not so ideal clients:
Who do I most love to serve ?
For example, I love to serve art collectors who are on a spiritual self growth path, who value connection and long term relationships, who live in financial abundance, who want to pay and reward the artist, and who appreciate the depth of my work; the time, energy, layers and effort that goes into each of my pieces. I love to serve people who understand that original artwork carries energy and healing into their home in accordance with the gifts I received when I created it, and that this can elevate the vibration of the space where they work/live and that there is no greater gift than to receive with this painting the vibration of beauty, love, peace, groundedness, calmness, and healing with the artwork they choose.
Thank you: Daniela at , Tina Presley Design & Staging, Sharon at , Camille at Singing Tui Art Studio , and Ariane at .
I am currently welcoming groups of interior designers from the Lower Mainland of BC for studio visits to view my current inventory, served with hot tea, cookies, and conversation. Pls text to connect 604-736-5111 or email 

You Don't Know What you Don't Know


I am in a relationship with my local library. That is, I take out books regularly and give her the utmost respect and appreciation, and in turn, she sometimes extends me overdue books ... (which happened today, am so grateful to have another 3-week loan of  my current book... which I will reveal to you soon... stay with me here... which was technically due back today)

She also sometimes goes extra lengths to obtain books for me that she doesn't have on hand, via inter-library loan. I love that about her too. It makes me feel so special.

Anyways, It all started at the end of 2016... I realized that  I needed to make some changes. I had been doing the same things over and over again and not getting the results that I desired with those same old actions. I didn't know what I didn't know. You know? I was ready to do things differently for 2017... which I spoke a little bit about another different aspect of this in my opening monolog video of my

I was ready to do things differently for 2017... which I spoke a little bit about another different aspect of this in my opening monolog video of my Patreon Page.

To that end, one big thing I decided to do, besides the thing I mention in the Patreon video, was to start reading regularly.

Specifically books that would help me change my perspective, expand my reality, grow my consciousness, help me be happier, teach me to market myself and my artwork more intelligently, and help me get even better at being an entrepreneur in business. I set the intention to read books that would support me to live my dream confidently and with joy.

I am now well into this year, book-wise, and am really excited to share the past 5   - or is it 6 now? - books with you what I've been reading, all of which have revealed to me unique gems, inspirations, learnings, and ideas that are beyond what I knew before I read them.

First up, the book I am currently reading (and just gratefully got renewed from the library) is The Power Is Within You by Louis Hay.

What I love about this book is that it's loaded with powerful affirmations that I can write on my mirror and remind myself of every day to help re-program my mind to focus on the positive. Being positive is such a  powerful state and way to be, I'm sure you are well aware of this. It's just that sometimes it's easier said than done, so we need all the help we can get to






Reading positive inspirational books is one great way to do this. Another is writing quotes from that book on your mirror with a white board eraser pen. (Just use Windex with a paper towel to erase  and update the quotes).

On my mirror currently are affirmations from Louis' book :

"I now release, with ease, all old negative beliefs"

" I am wealth, I am love, I am abundance."

" Its comfortable for me to change, learn, and grow."

"My pathway is now smooth"

"I am free of the past"

"Everything I need to know is revealed to me."

" Everything I need comes to comes to me in perfect timing" (I'm really looing forward to that white, hybrid, 4 WD, Volvo, SUV showing up in my driveway :-). Actually, I printed out a picture of that vehicle and stuck it on my fridge, just so the universe is now super clear with this need of mine for that car!)

"I am willing to change and to grow"

I also got really inspired by the piece Louis wrote about fear. I wrote this excerpt out in my journal;

"Fear is rampant on the planet. You can see and hear about it in the news every day. Fear is the lack of trust in ourselves.  Because we don't trust life. We don't trust we are being taken care of on a higher level, so we feel we must control everything in the physical level. Obviously, we are going to feel fear because we can't control everything in our lives. Trust is what we learn when we want to overcome our fears."

The third piece of huge value I got from The Power Is Within You was the chapter Louis wrote about loving yourself as well as the chapter about connecting with and tending to your inner child.

I went to the gym this morning and afterward, I walked up to the mirror, looked myself in the eyes, and said out loud to myself; "Well done Deb, you did it! Great job! I love and appreciate you."

There are also some really powerful questions from those two chapters that I want to share with you here that I found very profound:

If I absolutely adored myself, what would I do for and with myself today?

How can I totally, utterly, and completely love myself today?

and finally,

How can I really be here now and show up for myself?

Thank you so much, dear Louise Hay, for this fabulous book that has helped teach me new ways of thinking and further me along my journey to live in joy, personal power, and confidence in myself.

Can't wait to share with you some of the other books I've been reading and what I've been learning...

Workshop Assistant Position Accepting Applications

WorkshopInProcess2016.jpg Each month I offer a one day workshop on Saturday in my studio here in beautiful Coquitlam, British Columbia with workshop participants coming far and wide and enjoying my enthusiasm, knowledge, and guided structure to support them in getting creative making abstract paintings with acrylics and mixed media. Until now, I think it's been about 8 years, I've been doing the marketing, registration, teaching, and all the other details required to make these events run on my own. It's now time reach out and receive support around this. Long story short, I am looking to hire an assistant to help with workshops. Here's the low down... Most work can be done from home on your computer with an internet connection, except once a month when I'd need you to come in and be there to help support me run the workshop. Workshops run the last Saturday of every month in Coquitlam and are listed here:

Here's the low down... Most work can be done from home on your computer with an internet connection, except once a month when I'd need you to come in and be here in person to help support me run the workshop. Workshops run the last Saturday of every month in Coquitlam and are listed here: .

Payment is hourly and based on your technical abilities. The ideal candidate is marketing savy, uses a Mac and knows Pages, can edit pictures and video, is comfortable posting on social media (wordpress blog, tumblr, linked in, twitter, instagram, flikr, youtube and facebook), is great with organization and details, gets tasks complete in a timely and efficient manner, understands the heart and value of what I offer, can work independently, can be in Coquitlam once a month on Saturday, and truly wants to help out and support this process. This position is contract, paid hourly, and approximately 20 hrs/month.

Workshop Assistant - Tasks Involved

Marketing/Advertising for monthly live workshops in Coquitlam - brainstorm new ideas ways to market and fill the workshop. I would add/ allot an hour strategy planning meeting together around this to come up with ideas to market the workshops, this could be on skype or phone. Goal: to fill workshop 12-20 people/each month.  8 minimum.

Workshop Registration - Respond to intake/questions/create receipt in Pages (I have a template)/keep track of class list/class member information (phone/address/email)/email them pre-workshop handouts/materials list. Goal: to take care of registration & keep track of participants.

Workshop assistance-  print handouts/ take photos & video during workshop/ clean and tidy up water for Deb and for students, brushes/give out papertowel and tools/give out hand out handouts/ sweep studio/ get tea & snacks for students/ tidy up/ type out endorsements/ mail Pebeo feedback/ download and send Pebeo pictures per their requirements/Post pictures  and comments to social media (Deb system 9 sites - I would go through this with you  - it's easy)/ record video  and download  for Youtubepromo purposes/ send HK any new newsletter sign ups/ upload photos & video, edit as required/ handout sheet with other workshops available/ Share about affiliate program $25/per person. Note - assistant would not be participating/painting during the workshop time. Goal: is to support Deb behind the scenes with admin and housekeeping during the workshop while she teaches.

To apply if we've never met and you've never taken one of my workshops, please send me a video of yourself in 3 minutes or less telling me why you'd be perfect for this job. If we already know each other, you've taken one or more of my workshops, please send me an email and let me know 1) why you want to help me and 2) why I should choose you.  Thank you!

Three new paintings: Posh Pears Posted

These new collage paintings were created with some beautiful airmail/postage theme collage papers I received for Christmas and they seemed to join beautifully with the pears. Then, as I began to create, I remembered sometime in my childhood, my family receiving a box of specially packaged pears. They seemed posh. So did these collage paintings - hence the name.

Posh Pears Posted i,ii & iii 9” x 12” (c) Deb Chaney 2017 Collage and Mixed Media on Paper Originals, Prints, and Giclees now available:

Yoga Girls being made in the Studio today...

newyogagirlsip2017 I don't know if you know, but I have a wonderful e-commerce store offering variety of products ranging from watches to leggings, from postage stamps to clocks, all inspired by my Original Yoga Girl Paintings. I am absolutely in love with this Zazzle Store because it enables me to add new products regularly, give my friends discounts - I post these on the Yoga Girls Facebook Fanpage - and also to share some of my favorite items on Pinterest.

The other awesome thing about this Yoga Girl Paintings product store (yikes that's a mouthful!), is every time someone purchases a Yoga Girl product, I get even more inspired to go into the studio and create and make new yoga girl paintings!

This morning, I hopped out of bed to see if the ground layer for a few new Yoga Girl paintings were dry, and I began to add the next layer. This picture is your sneak peak into the studio and to see the 'Girls' in production! Thanks for stopping by here and thank you for visiting my store:

Yoga Girls Products Zazzle Store

'Snow White' prints now available

snowwhitedchaneyI had a request a while back for the possibility of having prints made for thispainting 'Snow White'. Finally found the high-resolution digital image and uploaded here to Saatchi Art so if you are here reading this now, dear friend & art lover, you can NOW get prints! Thank you for the inquiry.. apologies for the delay.


Create! Magazine Featured Artist Spring 2017


I'm honored to have my artwork selected for Create! Magazine’s Spring 2017 issue curated by Bridgette Mayer !

See selected artworks will in print and on social media: Instagram,  facebook  and twitter.

Stay tuned for the print issue launch and more!

Curious & looking forward to seeing fabulous work from the other selected Artists:

Alex Achaval Estabrak Al-Ansari Hratch Babikian Allen Bentley Kristy Blackwell Celan Bouillet Jenny Brown Jason Bryant Paula Cahill Deb Chaney Valerie Coursen Taylor Cox Tiffany Lynn Cuffley Ian Decker Ellen Dieter Kirby Fredendall Phyllis Gorsen Lisa Haskell Sisavanh Houghton Kristy Hughes Lori Hyland Michele Kishita Wen Liu Songnyeo Lyoo Larry Madrigal Erin McIntosh Peter Joseph Hoffecker Mejia Meech Miyagi Heidi Nam Sarah Nguyen Jenniffer Omaitz Geoffrey Palenik Nathan Pankratz Daisy Patton Emanuel Pavao Maryanne Pollock Donna Quinn Chelsea Revelle Lynn Rybicki Claudia Sbrissa Molly c Scannell Jane Schiowitz Kathran Siegel Rita Siemienski Smith Seona Sommer Kathleen Spicer Sylvie van Helden Andrea Warren Jennifer Whitten Kate Zelazny