Yoga Girls being made in the Studio today...

newyogagirlsip2017 I don't know if you know, but I have a wonderful e-commerce store offering variety of products ranging from watches to leggings, from postage stamps to clocks, all inspired by my Original Yoga Girl Paintings. I am absolutely in love with this Zazzle Store because it enables me to add new products regularly, give my friends discounts - I post these on the Yoga Girls Facebook Fanpage - and also to share some of my favorite items on Pinterest.

The other awesome thing about this Yoga Girl Paintings product store (yikes that's a mouthful!), is every time someone purchases a Yoga Girl product, I get even more inspired to go into the studio and create and make new yoga girl paintings!

This morning, I hopped out of bed to see if the ground layer for a few new Yoga Girl paintings were dry, and I began to add the next layer. This picture is your sneak peak into the studio and to see the 'Girls' in production! Thanks for stopping by here and thank you for visiting my store:

Yoga Girls Products Zazzle Store