Group of Studio Visitors Today

Tina&GirlsStudioVisit... There were a few more photos, but this fun blurred picture was the ONLY one with all our eyes open! So here we are!
Really enjoyed sharing my story of how I got started being an artist as well as showing and telling the group 3 different series of artworks they could potentially use with clients in their home staging, renovations, and interior design businesses;
Little Gems Series - Small paintings 9" x 12"
Fragments of Life Series - Medium size paintings, all 23" x 30"
and Very large paintings: Spirtuality meets Physicality Series (behind us in the picture) 42" x 42" and much larger.
We also had a very lively conversation about customer disqualifiers... as in, when do you stop wasting time on someone who doesn't want exactly what you have and isn't willing or able to pay for it? There are 5 unique questions you can ask potential customers to find this out, fast, stay tuned I will share this with you in a later blog post...
With these savy business women, on the other hand (and possibly more positive end of the spectrum) we also talked about how we qualify potential clients. I got inspired and wrote this note as the women spoke of their experience in busines working with ideal and not so ideal clients:
Who do I most love to serve ?
For example, I love to serve art collectors who are on a spiritual self growth path, who value connection and long term relationships, who live in financial abundance, who want to pay and reward the artist, and who appreciate the depth of my work; the time, energy, layers and effort that goes into each of my pieces. I love to serve people who understand that original artwork carries energy and healing into their home in accordance with the gifts I received when I created it, and that this can elevate the vibration of the space where they work/live and that there is no greater gift than to receive with this painting the vibration of beauty, love, peace, groundedness, calmness, and healing with the artwork they choose.
Thank you: Daniela at , Tina Presley Design & Staging, Sharon at , Camille at Singing Tui Art Studio , and Ariane at .
I am currently welcoming groups of interior designers from the Lower Mainland of BC for studio visits to view my current inventory, served with hot tea, cookies, and conversation. Pls text to connect 604-736-5111 or email