Birthday Painting Auction

Because today is my birthday today and I've decided to auction this very special original painting entiteld IBHF - Inspired by Helen Frankenthauler - here today on this blog) to pay for a few personal birthday indulgences for myself and to send my work into the world!

IBHF (Inspired by Helen Frankenthauler)
Pure Abstraction Series
36 x 24 x 1 1/2 " Acrylics, Sand, and Mixed Media on canvas
(c) Original Painting by Deb Chaney 

Feng Shui Recommendation: This painting supports the development of wisdom, knowledge, and self cultivation. Place its image in the front left hand corner of your home, a room in your home 
or office to further enhance this area of your life.

Link to this painting on my website portfolio and others in this Pure Abstraction Series:

Bidding price starts at $250 (shipping and handling is extra if you live out of town and you require me to ship it to you)

You are welcome to bid 
1. here in the comments section below this blog post, 
2. or via email or 
3. directly on my facebook page here:

I'll post the winner in the comments section of this blog and on FB by the end of the week (July 12th)