Group Art Exhibit from Vancouver exhibits this weekend at eastside culture crawl

Group Art Exhibit from Vancouver exhibits this weekend at eastside culture crawl

Soon to become an international phenomena, 'We are East Van' are making their second debut at the East Side Culture Crawl with their multidisciplinary group exhibit this year located at the Artist Resource Center (ARC) 1701 Powell Street this Friday November 15th through 17th. 'We are East Van' is a collaboration of seven (7) professional artists including renown furniture maker Mario Sabjlak,  film industry installation artist Rob Turriff, swiss born painter and sculpture Dieter Schlatter, prehistoric ivory sculpture and designer Richard Marcus, social commentary humorist painter Mark Henderson, abstract mixed media painter Deb Chaney, and re-claimed wood designer Jussi Leppanen. This is your chance to see the work, and meet these dynamic, motivated, and professional artists in Vancouver before they head off to Korea next year.  'We are East Van' first appeared at IDS West (International Design Show) Vancouver this year and will be exhibiting in Asia in 2014. They are the only group currently united to represent Vancouver artists to the world in art shows and exhibits.

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RIchard Marcus

Richard is a sculptor and designer who uses prehistoric ivory in an ancient mosaic technique that utilizes mammoth and mastodon ivory combined with semi-precious inlays to create sculpture and jewelry. He has exhibited in Canada and internationally.  Richard lives and works in East Vancouver.

Dieter Schlatter

Born in Switzerland, Dieter has lived in Vancouver since 1989. A classically trained chef who worked internationally and as the executive chef for the Sheraton Vancouver. Dieter left the hospitality industry and began pursuing art in 1989. Among Dieter's many accomplishments he is a published writer. Dieter now paints and sculpts in East Vancouver.

Mark Henderson

Mark studied painting and printmaking at Emily Carr. His influences include his family, his friends, his neighborhood, popular culture, computers, his bicycles, and his muse. Mark lives and works in East Vancouver.

Mario Sabljak

Mario creates custom hand built functional artistic furniture and interiors for
private and commercial clients. Mario lives and works in East Vancouver.  

Deb Chaney 

Deb is a contemporary abstract artist creating large mixed media paintings on canvas. 
She works and lives  in East Vancouver. 

Rob Turriff

Rob's artwork is situated at the intersection of art craft, informed by his experience as a film industry technician and as a sculptor. Rob works and lives  in East Vancouver.

Jussi Leppahen

Jussi creates functional and artistic interior designs from reclaimed wood. He works and lives  in East Vancouver.

We Are East Van.