Propanels Professional Exhibition Display For Sale

Here is a sample of a display at a fair using these panels. This sample is not the one for sale but very close to it.
Pro Panels
The Pro Panel system is a fast and easy way to display art, exhibits and presentations. It is simple to set up and tear down. Plus, it’s incredibly flexible to accommodate a variety of different booth designs. Both sides are finished and are usable hanging space. Each panel connects to the next with the provided strap velcro fasteners that wrap around the upper and lower legs, allowing you to hinge in any direction.The legs are adjustable to allow for leveling on unleveled surfaces. The panels are dark grey ( photo of the colour of the cover material is attached) which is a fabulous background for photographs and most all artworks. Each panel is sturdy with a foam interior they are extremely light and easy to carry, set up, and dismantle. 
This package for sale incudes:
- 9 dark grey panels, each panel is  70" height  38" width in good condition and ready to use today for your next show or exhibition
- a matching dark grey pedestal 32 " high 15v" width  16" depth which can be used to hold office items, credit card machines, brochures, etc, without cluttering up your display
-  a very dark grey/black metal rod 80" extendable stabilizing bar that connects the top of panels to create a strong structure
You can set up your panels in many ways to make a very professional display. Here is the website where I originally bought the system and gives you ideas for your display set up.
For the whole system, panels, bar, pedestal and shipping, originally I paid well over $1800. I'm selling this entire system for $1250. This is an excellent deal and a solid investment in your exhibiting business for a more professional look than most showcases.
Attached are some pictures of the panels from the most recent art show exhibit in which I used them indoors (hence the reason they are in such good condition). You can pin small light paper art pieces directly on the panels and you can also hang heavier larger wired and framed paintings onto the panels. They can handle a fair bit of weight. To hang the larger wired or framed paintings simply use drapery pins directly into the panels to create a hook.
Please note, some of the attached pictures of displays that are not with dark grey panels are the SAME panels, but just different colours and set ups to give you an idea of possibilities and potential with this system. 

To purchase contact Deb at 604 736 5111 or 

Here is a sample of a display at a fair using these panels. This sample display is lighter in colour than the display set for sale  but a very close rendition of what the set looks like set up..

This is a sample of the height, width and size of the pedestol for sale with this set. THe only difference is that the pedetol for sale is dark grey and the exact colour of all the panels. IT's an excellent sales tool for credit card processing and brochures so they do not clutter your display. Very clean and professional looking. 

These are the original panels for sale

The panels are 9' heigh and here showing to display two art pieces both each 23" x 30" in size each with room aroud them for signs and labelling.

These are the original panels for sale and can be oriented in many different ways to exhibit your art work or other business products.

These are the original panels for sale, notice the velcro wrap around  on the legs that attacha and stabilize them. Also the feet are adjustable to account for any unlevel surface.

These are the original panels for sale used last year for the eastside culture crawl in my home studio. You can see the stabilizing bar across the top which is part of the set.

Sample display, these panels are lighter in colour than the panels for sale

THis is the colour of the panels and pedestol display for sale

To purchase contact Deb at 604 736 5111 or