Naming your art work

How do you choose or find the right name for your art work? I just finished a new piece in my “Faux Encaustica” series which I entitled; Travel Plans. The title came easily when I decided to incorporate bits and part of our e-ticket stubs and travel itineraries from our most recent travel adventure into the painting. I love to travel and I also love to plan trips, so this title really felt right. But sometimes I have no idea what to entitle my work so I have a few tricks I want to share with you…

I keep a list of painting title ideas in my journal. Sometimes when I’m writing in my journal if an idea comes to me about a series of paintings or a specific title or concept I’ll tab it using a specific tab color so I can refer back to it easily.

I also use these resources to search for painting titles when I’m stuck:
  • Thesaurus
  • Baby name book
  • Write down good lines from a movie (one of my favorites)
  • Highlight a great line from a novel I’m reading
  • Newspaper headline
  • See what other artists's entitle their work and use it as inspiration/start off point

My friend Lana Grow when she’s really stuck on naming one of her abstract pieces will ask one of her 10 grandchildren to name it!

So I’m curious, how do you choose the names for your pieces? There is a place below this blog for comments. Please use it, I’d love to hear from you!

Travel Plans - Deb Chaney 2007, 30” x 40”- Mixed Media, Acrylics and Collage on Canvas, $3200 USD

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