Art Image Collection

I like to put images of paintings and designs I like into a book dedicated to art images. I collect pictures of art work I like from magazines, postcards from art shows, & off the Internet.
Having my own hand-picked art image book is a great resource for ideas and inspiration .
Using the back of a stepped palette knife, I apply Golden soft gel (gloss) to glue in thin papers like magazine cut outs and I use Golden heavy gel (matte) to blue in thicker postcard papers that need greater adhesion.
It's a fun thing to do when I'm not intersted in painting but want to do something mindless and creative!

You could use this same idea even if you're not a visual artist - collecting images that support your dream however that appears to you - a table that you'd lke to make, a quilt pattern or colour that inspired one you intend to create, images of clothes you'd like to acquire for your wardrobe. You get the idea... Have fun!

Here I am at a local cafe putting gel medium on the back of an image before I put it into my image book. I sometimes use a brayer to smooth down the image.