Hurah for Peter!

I want to introduce you to my dear friend Pete Moraites, who works under the moniker of Sebastian Process as VJ and photographer. He had a big spot at the Los Angeles downtown Art walk showing his process of animated photography this last weekend and I’m sorry to have missed it. (Next time!)

Stages of his new work can be seen at and Pete/Sebastian Process is a member of the creative-expression championing collective Eye Pscience, and the eclectic music-art combo Salvador Dalek.

On display was the Pete Moraites "Spelling Test" collection of animations set to original music. Spelling Test features solo visual and musical works as well as visual collaborations with Alyson Boote and musical collabs with Eric Scott (as Salvador Dalek). Best known amongst the "Spelling Test" collection is the viral hit "Program Yourself".Influenced by Richard Bandler's Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and early typographic design music videos of Underworld (designed by Tomato) "Program Yourself" is a visually administered mimetic catalyst designed to induce trance in the audience and access our most enthusiastic, joyful, loving, happy, and knowingly amazingly capable thoughts of ourselves, energize these thoughts, and set them looping in our subconscious as well as part of our conscious minds which frequently loops a catchy piece of music. Linguistically engineered with viral properties, the piece has enjoyed over half a million viewings online, was a number one feature on YouTube and a featured story in Noyse Magazine. A wild mashup of animated styles and media including photography, drawings, clay, video, and text, with an inspired soundtrack to match, "Spelling Test" is a tribute to the joys of Creative Play.

The LA art walk runs the Second Thursday of Every Month in Downtown Los Angeles
453 South Spring Street (btwn 4th/5th Street) Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Peter and I will be doing a collaboration piece soon – we’re talking about a photo comic strip of me doing my art work…we’ll see what we create together. Stay posted. Cheers, Deb.