Artists Dates – Vancouver café artists

Something I love to do when I am traveling is go and check out other artists shows in café’s, book stores, and galleries. A few weeks ago when I was in Vancouver my husband, daughter and I enjoyed some time strolling along West 4th. (Can't remember the name of the cafe - will let you know if I do.) When it started raining we ducked into a little café with a winding staircase up the middle and comfy sofas all around. The art was fantastic mixed media which gave me such the impression of the artist having a great time doing it. Scott Schafer is a Vancouver artist and when I contact him he shared the following with me.

Scott recently wrote me of his newest painting endeavor; “....I've just finished a collection of images being shown in Calgary this week for the next 12 weeks....the collection was painted in Ontario, thru out this summer...on Lake Erie, in an abandoned church,....I rounded up everyone's old paints and varnishes....and on several large canvases I painted a mixed media of topographical views of the earth, involving everything I could use...or what would actually stay on the canvas....everything I paint now is I work totally in open air environments around the is Thailand and HongKong.....I'm deeply affected with how life rotates around the painting is a comes first...with that commitment...I will see the world...dada”.

Here are pictures of two of Scott's mixed media pieces on canvas that represent what he had exhibited at the café August 2007.

Whether its actual physical objects in our surroundings like Scott is doing and adding stuff he finds to his work or just mentally collecting images, thoughts, and emotions around us, this is what we as artist do. We ‘mine’ the world and then take it home and use this to create. Everything is our work. Living is working is playing…could we get any luckier?

You can contact Scott at cell: 778.838.4636 Or visit him online at: