Deb Chaney Artwork Now at Station Square 2 Development


If you are visiting Station Square 2 in Burnaby, BC keep an eye out for a large canvas reproduction of the painting 'Uncommon Lines' they recently purchased.

Uncommon Lines. (c) Deb Chaney Original Sold 60" x 40" x 1.5" Mixed Media on Canvas.


My Dream Studio

My Dream Studio

My Dream Studio

My my dream Studio! Surrounded by Nature, with a front Gallery showroom, and yes I'll take the dog in the picture!

Other features that I would have in my dream studio :

- comfy and inviting seating in the front gallery show room area

- surrounded by 10-20 acres of green lush forest, a stream or river, quiet nature

- large working area in the back with natural lighting and plenty of storage space

- a healing room in the back with massage table and infrared sauna

- a mini kitchen for snacks, a cookie jar, teas

- gas fireplace for healing

P.S... while I'm in dream- mode if you are an architecture student and need a project for complete your schooling, please do contact me and we could draw up some mock plans for my dream studio. Now, this would be fun!

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Believe it or not, this painting is not an original!

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.20.53 PM.png

Believe it or not this painting is not an original!

HFA just made a resin pour print of my painting 'Breathing Space' (c) Deb Chaney originally 60 inch by 40 in - the print here is a big bigger.

It's incredible this technology, it actually looks like the original and even better with the glossy finish!

I'm also super stoked to share that an interior designer just purchased it off the display wall!

So now you want your own resin pour print custom made? Please call HFA at 1.888.298.0731 to order your own.

You can order smaller prints on paper or canvas at:

Today's Feature Painting: 'Crossing Over' - diptych ii of ii


Big Thank you to the collector who just purchased a large scale print of "Crossing Over ii of ii". May this painting bring you peace in the process of transition in your life. Original diptychs are current available 23" x 30" Mixed Media on 300 pound water colour paper. (c) Deb Chaney $1200/ea. Click Here for Prints.

Below is an image of the first panel : 'Crossing Over i of ii'23" x 30" Mixed Media on 300 pound water colour paper. (c) Deb Chaney $1200/ea. Click Here for Prints.


Changing it up... A New Option for a Stuck Painting


One of my students who has been working together with me in the studio for some private sessions came to me stuck in process on a number of large paintings.

The one thing we noticed together as we looked through the stack of unfinished pieces was that she was tending to make the same marks and gestures, again and again. Adding more and more paint, but never accomplishing her goal to complete the piece. This is common in painting when we don’t stop, step back and ask ourselves; ‘How Can I do this Differently?’.

This same concept also applies to our lives. If we keep doing the same things again and again, we are likely to get the same results.

Our job is to change things up!

One recommendation we came up with together was instead of applying more paint, how about this time we remove paint.

Did you know that you can sand acrylics? Yup. They need to be dry and you can use paper sand paper or an electrical sander like I am doing here in the picture. I suggest you wear a mask, but its fun and can create some really cool effects and definite takes the painting down a whole new path!

To your creative success,



'City Through The Fog' New Painting


'City through the Fog' 9x12x1.5" mixed media on wood panel. Copyright Deb Chaney 2018. Original available date of post $372 prints:

This Little Gems Series Painting is in preparation for teaching the upcoming 3 day workshop in September ' Creating Encaustic Effects with Acrylics' Workshop details here:

What happens when you love your daughter so much!


Recently my daughter decided to completely re-do her room. While she was in the renovation process, she came down to the studio and asked me if she could please put a painting of mine in her room. Let's just say I was totally taken aback in a good way... My teenage daughter wants to showcase my artwork in her room! Whoah! Biggest complement ever!

That said, we couldn't find anything to meet the colours she wanted: light green/turquoise, white and gold. So I ended up creating an original 24" x 24" piece here with dictionary collage pages of words she'd chosen embedded into it.

The piece is called 'Happy' and will be in Ruth's permanent collection, for which I'm honored! 24" x 24" x 1.5" Mixed Media on Canvas. (c) Deb Chaney 2018. I will be having prints made, they will be available through HFA Custom Fine Art Services in Vancouver and also on my website Saatchi Online Gallery in the near future.

'Happy' 24 x 24 x 1.5 Mixed Media on Canvas (C) Deb Chaney 2018

'Happy' 24 x 24 x 1.5 Mixed Media on Canvas (C) Deb Chaney 2018

Up close: