Changing it up... A New Option for a Stuck Painting


One of my students who has been working together with me in the studio for some private sessions came to me stuck in process on a number of large paintings.

The one thing we noticed together as we looked through the stack of unfinished pieces was that she was tending to make the same marks and gestures, again and again. Adding more and more paint, but never accomplishing her goal to complete the piece. This is common in painting when we don’t stop, step back and ask ourselves; ‘How Can I do this Differently?’.

This same concept also applies to our lives. If we keep doing the same things again and again, we are likely to get the same results.

Our job is to change things up!

One recommendation we came up with together was instead of applying more paint, how about this time we remove paint.

Did you know that you can sand acrylics? Yup. They need to be dry and you can use paper sand paper or an electrical sander like I am doing here in the picture. I suggest you wear a mask, but its fun and can create some really cool effects and definite takes the painting down a whole new path!

To your creative success,