Artist Profile: Lindsay Clark

Artist profile Lindsay Clark, Vancouver Artist

I'd like to introduce you to Vancouver Artist Lindsay Clark. Lindsay took my Energizing and Experimental Abstract Painting in Mixed Media and Acrylics Workshop last August 2010 at OPUS Framing and Art Supply store in North Vancouver. Since then, her art has taken off and she's been painting up a storm of some beautiful works we want to share with you here on this blog.

To start Lindsay, can you share with us your experience at the workshop and tell us if had you painted before? How did

this experience supported your growth as an artist?

The workshop opened me up to the idea that I am painting not to produce a product, but to enjoy the creative, spirit-led process. This really shifted painting into a new place for me where I felt so much more free and a whole lot less pressure than I felt in previous art classes focused on technique. Deb introduced us to the ability of listening to what is inside, and how it wants to express itself on the canvas! It has given me a creative license to do whatever I want! How come nobody ever told me I could do that? Thank you Deb!

Since the workshop, please tell us what you've been working on?

I’ve been doing a flower series with abstract backgrounds. (See picture of blue and gold paintings with couch) Creating the playful, flowing backgrounds with layers and layers of colour is almost like a meditation to me. I like working with series because there is something about seeing a group together that feels more whole. I am enjoying working with flowers that are more detailed over the top of the abstract backgrounds, because it is a style that is truly unique to me. (See picture of the blue iris on the brown background). Flowers to me symbolize growth, expansion, and the beauty of the natural world around us, and they really resonate with me- so I’m happy to have rediscovered my artistic license to create what is in my heart.

I understand you work full time as an urban planner and as we all, you do have a very busy life...How do you make time for painting when it's never urgent nor a priority to take time for our creativity? Do you ever get stuck or blocked with your art and if so what do you do to get unstuck and inspired again?

Painting to me is my therapy! I don’t find much inspiration in my work day to day right now, and I find that coming home to my creative space in the evening or on weekends helps me work through things in a constructive, non-rational mind way. It somehow opens up that flow and can help me move past barriers, or simply slip in to a better headspace for a bit. I try not to force myself to achieve anything with my work, because if it becomes another deadline then it turns into another stress and then I get blocked with it. I've also done a couple vision boards where I piece together images to help me bring in what I want to experience in my life- its a fun way to create art around the house and keep reminding you of your hopes and dreams.

So art is a peaceful retreat for me. Sometimes I sit down with this intellectual idea of what is going to come out, and something entirely different flows out- see the swirls painting with blue and orange- where my body just tells me the message that needs to come through for myself. Its kind of a dance, you just have to move where your body takes you.

I remember back in July when we first met at the workshop you mentioned you were a Reconnective Healer. I had never heard of this healing modality before. Could you tell us more about this?

I explain Reconnective healing as a massage for the soul, that can facilitate physical and emotional healings. Sometimes we look a physical pain as an annoyance, but I am learning to see it more as an indicator of something that your body wants you to look at and bring attention to. Reconnective healing helps us to get to the root of issues- whether they are emotional or otherwise- and start to shift that so we can feel at peace and calm. It has helped me immensely to feel better in my body and enjoy the dance of life.

I am, as you know, a big believer in self care - especially for artists! What do you do to nourish your self and soul?

Nourishment is totally my word right now. On the rough days I resort to chocolate, but the nourishment that really counts is the stuff that lights up my heart and helps me feel truly alive. I find that in the wild beauty of nature, in meditation, in joyful music, at dinner with my close friends... the list goes on and on. But what it really comes down to for me is being authentic about who I am and what my heart is calling me to do. When I follow that, I am the most alive and nourished.

What in your opinion the best thing about being and artist?

Being an artist is being free. It is tapping into the creative drive within you and flowing with that- which ultimately is such a gift. How many of us walk through life not feeling alive? It becomes this mechanized movement, and when we are out of touch with our hearts, we are missing the juicyness of life! I feel like freedom is found in emotion, in living out what we experience- both the heartbreaking sadness and the joy.

What 's the most challenging thing, for you, about being an artist?

Cultivating a healthy relationship to abundance. Not everyone is paid particularly well for being an artist- only as our society learns to evolve and respect the callings of the heart, will we be able to truly support the arts and whole humans. But I think people are waking up to that- I can’t even count how many people I know who are realizing that what the thought they were “supposed” to do just isn’t cutting it anymore. There is a real need for meaning and experiencing something more potent and alive. And that is where art steps in and leads the way.

If someone reading this blog would like to see more of your work, visit an upcoming art show, or get a hold of you, how would they do so?

I can be contacted through my website:

Thank you Lindsay!