Great find - Artists of British Columbia Volume 1

Rojia and myself were out placing flyers for our Concept to Completion: Abstract Painting in Acrylics and Mixed Media on Panel workshop in North Vancouver a few weeks back and came across Craig Yeats's gallery who were selling this book entitled; Artists of British Columbia, volume 1 (ISBN 978-0-9783296-4-8) assembled by Leighton Studio Gallery. The book caught my eye immediately as the number of extremely talented artists, many of them abstract. I had to have it. To obtain your own copy pls contact 604-926-0039 or

The following are five fabulous abstract artists that caught my attention when perusing through the book:

  1. Jeanne Krabbendam Her work exhibits an excellent example of using heavy texture and collage elements such as corrugated cardboard and plaster mixed with acrylics.

  2. Catherine Fields I just LOVE the loose painterly feel of the painting "rhythm and harmony" shown in the book.

  3. Pnina Granirer (wow!) The painting shown in this book, " A Love Story" is the tender interplay between abstract and the human figure.

  4. Jennifer Harwood. What captivated me about Jennifer's work is it's vibrancy with her use of colour and overall clarity and simplicity.

  5. Therese Joseph I love her bold use of colour and then the sketches on top of it in the panting called "untamed" shown in the book.