Patsy Flemming

I received a postcard yesturday from my friend, fellow artist, and unofficial artist mentor , Patsy Flemming. She is having a show at Foundry Gallery in Washington, DC . If you live in that area and enjoy contemporary abstract art work, go see it. Her work is powerful, exhilirating, beautiful, & awesome.

Seeing Patsy's portfolio at last year at Kanuga Watercolor retreat in North Carolina where we met triggered and inspired me to paint the 18 Raw Expression pieces I began painting there.

Her hand written note asked me if I was coming to her show. My reponses? Well, send me a ticket and a accomadations and I'm there!

The inscription also asked me if I was still painting (hello !!!!?????)

Goodness, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be offended! My only answer is: nearly every day. C'est ma r'aison d'etre!

How would I start to tell you about Patsy? other then she is a fabulous woman and an amazing collage artist and painter.

Cheers to Patsy,

Love you woman,

Thank you for the card and the note.