Art News - Artist Directory pick

I love to look at the paintings posted in the Artist Directory section at the back of the Art News Magazine. This month my favourite contemporary abstract painters were:

John Szabo I especially liked the piece he showed in the magazine "Red Squares", as well as his "Imagination"series on view this July 2008 at Seems as though he's using ink and resin, I have never tried this. Also really like his "White windows" paintings, shown on his home page. Congrats on your success John!

Ian macLeod Loved the piece in art News entitled "Composition #112"...always loved drips because they are so fun to do and add a wonderful sense of movment to the piece. Wow! just checked out his homepage and the slideshow is amazing!!!! This work is a MUST SEE! Really cool.

Linda Fanucci absolutely LOVE her cityscape pieces. Also take a look at her studio tour. It looks like she has a made an old Victorian style house into a gallery - very swanky. Her bio is worth a read as she has a musical background and came into paiting later after raising her family. Terrific art, great story.