Deb’s 2008 Goals...Daily love, Play, & Self Care

Spiritual/Personal Growth
- connect with God daily through sitting meditation b/f and a/f sleep (5 count bubble meditation)
- Listen and do the Tony Robbins Personal Power Tapes
- Listen and do the Tony Robbins Power of Influence
- Listen to the aura color Pamela Oslie videos
- Finishing listening to the E-Myth
- ?Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson
- ?The Julia Cameron Course with the dragon on the cover in my studio
- Thought awareness – practice equanimity, even when it’s hard
- Work on being positive and happy by choice
- Inquire about doing Tthe Blessing in Fiji with Matt and Ruth
- Esalen personal retreat – hiking/art/ compassionate communication class – ask Mum to come and watch Ruth

Health and Vitality
- weekly hike, swim, yoga, jog (wth Shan), pilates
- join a martial arts club class to really push myself – create some habits! (I joined a club today, can't wait to start training again!)

Marriage and Romance
- Read David Deida Books on love and Sex
- Plan an overnight for just the two of us each month
- Learn to communicate in a more compassionate and loving way to have my needs met and nurture Matt
- Possibly do Raiki class together with Peggy
- Inquire about a sexual intimacy workshop to take together.

Career (I get to CREAte ARt for a job!!!)
- Paint daily.
- Paint a Body of work: Pure Abstraction 20-40 large pieces on canvas
- Daily play in studio – essential – have something setup for pure fun with no product in mind. – practice pieces.
- Complete marketing plan and submit by Jan 15th
- Complete Attracting Perfect Customers 4 parts and add to marketing plan,

- finalize Vision & Mission
- Artist Statement
- Artist Bio
- New CMS website – submit contract, work with team, get it up and running
- Blog articles weekly (use to submit to mags/newspaper/other ex. Toastmaster publication)
- Once art work, brochure, and application are ready, Apply to 5 galleries listed in journal

- Keep working with Kelly to support each other in business as artsits
- Teach a volunteer class monthly for a local non profit
- Guerilla Buz School
- Weekly Toastmasters meetings
- Learn about hosting teleseminars
- Learn about recording teleseminars into podcasts

Tech Goals
- Back up all current files, Get idrive working, Start using Act for email, Get for email working

- Call M&D regularly on skype
- Compassion with Ruth, and patience (realize this will pass if it’s difficult)
- Plan one fun craft activity with Ruthie each week that we do together (get a book or ask for Shan M’s help with this) (this can include baking and stuff in the kitchen)
- Plan one fun outdoor outing with Ruthie each week ( bike in Goleta, picnic, SB Uni hills, pic nic up Rat canyon, waterfall near Solvang, others)
- Listening and supporting Matt – house clean & tidy, massages, dry cleaning and laundry, dinners (plan each week)
- trip to Van in new year with Ruth
- look into Waldorf School for Ruthie

Friends/Girlfriend connections
- connect with Sara (Macs mum) – possible friendship
- deepen friendship with Meg H.
- visit and walk with Jen WH in Van, touch base each Q
- explore the Seachelt area with Shan M., hike with K & S in Van, as well as the fiber festival (when is it?)
- get in touch with Heather V.
- do new years cards to everyone on my list I’d like to re-connect with including relatives (see journal)
- hike with Lisa while she’s still here in SB
- See Tanya Gee again in Van

Wealth and Prosperity
- Continue to learn how can we become better investors
- Continue to manage QK, personal and Deb Art finances weekly (Monday is Money Management Day)

- Hike portion of Pacific Crest Trail in California (Ask Shan McL if she’d be interested in doing this with me)
- Hike near/around/Sierra Nevada Mountains
- Hike near/around/on Mt. Shasta area
- Do an overnight backpacking trip
- Look into Sierra Club of Santa Barbara
- Do regularly weekly day hikes
- Family trips: 1. Santa Fe, NM – with intention to check out art galleries. 2. Drive up to Oregon - van camping with beach fires, beach exploration, hiking, walks, family time.