Art Avoidance

We all do it. There is a project, a dream, an idea that we’ve been working on for a while and it’s lost that beginning glamour stage. What it needs is just another small step and then another. In my case 5-10 minutes in the studio, just another layer, or forget the body of work the series I’m working on, just go in and play.

And yet somehow the paperwork has taken over the day and now I’m picking up toys and there is a small voice in my head that is saying

“ I thought we were going to go and play in the studio…?” and

“what about those 8 x 10” canvas pads you were going to play around with, no product goal, just pure fun?”

and yet somehow I ignore it and think about the garbage that needs to be taken out and the fact that it’s more than my turn to wash the dishes…..Thank God all the netflix movies are in the mail box because those suck me right in and there goes the whole evenings where some art could have happened….

I’m sure you’ve been here. Resistance, avoidance, procrastination.

So, how do we get around these culprits that steal our creativity?

My solution tonight will be Kaizen, one small step. I will go into my studio and just look at my paintings and perhaps think about the next layer. I will go in my studio and set up those little canvas pads 8 x, 10 pieces I’ve been meaning to play around with and have them ready for when I am wiling to dive in a little. And there will be no other expectations – just a look and a small set up.

Anything bigger – a bigger to do list, plan, idea, will set up of my amygdala. The small pea sized thing in my brain responsible for fight or flight and the reason why so many of us stop short of taking the next step in our project, towards our dream. To by pass the fight or flight reaction the only way is to take such a teeny timy small step in the direction of your success that the amygdala will not even notice. The idea will go straight to your cortex, you’ll pass GO and collect $200. Yes, you will unfreeze and defeat the resistance, avoidance, and procrastination because the small idea is not so scary.

We must stop overwhelming ourselves and setting us up for failure.

I must stop overwhelming myself and setting myself to feel distraught and avoiding the studio – the one place where time disappears and I am one with God and where life makes sense.

So off I go now, just to take a look. Just to consider that next little step.

I send you Small steps…

good night