Fringe Benefits of Creativity

Vermont in a Snowstorm
24” x 36” Mixed Media, Acrylics on canvas
Ready to hang, no frame required, 1” thick painted edges. Deb Chaney 2006
$1,275 USD Visa/MasterCard Accepted
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The other night I came in from my studio to use the *loo and peered into the mirror to see my eyes glowing like two green lanterns – alight with the glow of creative bliss. They say that he eyes are the doorway to the spirit and in that vein I think being in creative process really helps open those doors up.

As a working artist, one who paints and sells her work, much of the time I am considering the end product that may be hanging on the wall in your home. But let me tell you the real juice is in the process – the making of the art.

Being in the creative process is a tap into the other side, into the unconscious, into bliss, into a place where no time exists at all. And if I only had one goal, it would be to practice, practice, practice and stay in that place that keeps my spirit aglow.

In Jill Badonsky’s most recent Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Training class she spent a class talking about the fringe benefits of creativity. How when we create it will elevate our mood, we tend to feel better and tap into places of delight and joy. Studies have shown that being creative improves eyesight and overall health. Doing a creative project enables us to become more focused, create and achieve goals – no matter how small- teaching us focus. The list goes on, bottom line is when we get out of her heads and into the process the benefits are food for the soul.

Have you fed your spirit lately? Go make something – make a mess, just practice. Have fun.

(*British slang for toilet)