Featured Artist - October Muse Newsletter

Exploring 10" x 10"
Mixed Media, Arylics on Canvas
$150 each. 1" thick finished edges, ready to hang.
Visa/Mstc Accepted.

This month I am the featured artist for the Muse Is In monthly newsletter. You can get the newletter by subscribing on the Muse Is In homepage. Jill Badonsky is the founder of the Muse is in and her book The Nine Modern Day Muses and Bodygurad along with the Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Program were all designed to support mortals in creative process. Here is the longer un-cut version of the interview.
Did you receive your formal art training?
Not really. I didn’t go to ‘proper’ art school, more like I went to the “art school of life”. Six years ago I saw the art of LA artist Adolfo Girala at an outdoor art fair. Adolfo’s art intrigued me, drew me in, and I was hooked. I was lucky in that he very kindly took me under his wing. Several studio visits and several years of practice later – and still a life time more to go – I am painting at the level which I’m at today. I’ve also taken workshops with Bob Burridge, Anne Baldwin, Nancy Reyner and Lana Grow.

Creative time of the day for you:
Morning, first thing! Yeah, I’m one of those morning people. J I jump out of bed, can’t wait to tackle my current project. Especially when every one is sleeping. Sometimes I wake up at 4 am and start paintings.

Do you have a mantra or motto?
Currently it’s; “The more I trust, the better life gets” (subject to change). “Breathe” is another one I like.

Key to your perseverance
mmmmm….Holding the vision that via my success I empower other artists to make it as well. I love the challenge of being a working professional artist and figuring it out along the way – how do you apply to galleries and get submitted? how to sell your art on your own? Where to sell? These things inspire me and keep me persevering – a relishing of the challenge, but most of all a love of ht e process. I absolutely fricken’ love painting.

Best advice received
Do what you love, the money will follow.

Next book?
I am currently working with a graphic artist creating a new brochure exhibiting my Raw Expression pieces as well as describing their Feng Shui meaning and giving tips to placing the art in your home/office.

Most favorite achievement
Cycle touring around Iceland with myself one summer. Great trip. Lots of magic moments and the experience of a lifetime. There are a few trip photos and stories about this trip in The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women.

How you get ideas for paintings?
Other artists, online, shadows on the side walk, scenes in movies, scenes in life, from my unconscious, from my previous paintings, art books….
Favorite studio music.
Currently I’m enjoying “The Proclaimers” Sunshine on Leith album. (always changing)
Next big goal
I would like to create a body of work to exhibit with the intention of raising awareness of the fringe benefits of creativity, how simply being creative makes us happier, healthier, more focused, improves eye sight, may enable us to live longer, keep goals, and so much more. I would love to have an artists talk and demonstration as part of the exhibition. I would also like to give some of the proceeds to a charity that is in line with the premise that being creative helps people be happier. If you know of a nonprofit out there, please do let me know – deb@debcreative.com – thank you.
Where people can see your work?
3 places right now – to see work fresh out of the studio, best place is to visit my blog http://debchaney.blogspot.com/, as I will make a point of posting new pieces at the top of each entry. For work existing and sold see my website http://www.debcreative.com/ and for prints, posters, mugs, magnets all with my art images on them you can visit http://www.cafepress.com/debchaney.

And coming soon in art galleries in Vancouver, Montreal, Scottsdale, LA, NY, Santa Fe, Seattle…