Everything Counts

I haven’t written for a while and am giving myself total compassion. Life has been busy. As a working artist and also as a student of the creative process I am aware of the fact that everything counts that everything we do -parenting, our jobs, how we are in relationships, how we take care of our bodies, how we manage our finances - is a creative endeavor. And everything counts! It all matters.

For me, I manage by having deeply ingrained habits and rituals in place so that I get to the non-urgent things but important things, like painting, in my life.

Usually mornings are my studio time, when it's quiet and everyone is sleeping. Or very late at night, again when it's quiet and everyone is (hopefully!) sleeping.

Mondays are my "magical money management" days and that's when I pay bills, reconcile accounts, and do the book keeping support for my husband's company. I don't even think about what I do on Mondays, it's automatic that I'll be at my desk most of the day- and this really works for me.

Tuesdays are my “toot my horn Tuesdays” where I work on marketing and promotion of myself and my work. Website updates, creating a new brochure, adding contacts to my database, and reading the online blogclass I am currently taking with Alyson Stanfield (www.artbizcoach.com).

So far those two days along with morning studio times are solid. I’m looking forward to forming more rituals that serve me in creating my goals - especially taking time out for self care, more studio time (!), and fun time with my family.

I'm still working on a house cleaning ritual and I'd love to hear your comments and how you fit it into your life!(1-800-Mollyl Maid?) :-)

I call this photo "The motherhood pull" . Ruthie (age 4) needs a lot of attention; the trick is to balance it so I can get my needs met too. This morning I gave her own big canvas and some paints. This kept her busy and gave me time to work on some paintings in the studio. See what she created!

How do you manage your art with your life? We al have the same struggle with juggling it all. It's the little tricks that keep us coming back to doing what we love regularly. I’d love to hear about your tricks to make time.