Co-Creation Collaboration with Pete Moraites

Last Saturday Peter Moraites drove up from Santa Monica and came up to co-create some mixed media - digital art with me. If you don’t know about Peter he was the #1 digital artist on you tube (over 100,100 downloads) based on his piece called “Hypnotize yourself” I could have the name wrong. Check it out for yourself. Anyways, Peter has vibrant energy and is passionate about art and creativity. (see past blog post on Hurrah Peter for more on Pete). We had a blast in the studio creating a 30” x 40” canvas piece with gels and mediums, papers, foils, liquid and full bodied acrylics, powder pigments, and liquid metals. Layering, scraping, dancing, photographing were all part of the process. The final piece will be called “Faith” so keep tuned for its completion…I will post it on this blog.

Peter took some fabulous new shots of me for my upcoming Raw Expression brochure as well he created an awesome collage piece – Sebastian style – with images of myself entwined in our painting. Peter loves to co-create with other artists. If you like what you see, and we’re not done yet – he’s working on a little video podcast of me painting and a comic strip series of photos – he could do the same for you. You can contact Peter at