SMIGs is s a ritual I do every evening, yup, even managed to keep it up camping in a little tent in the middle of nowhere on this last river trip on the Nahanni. It’s about paying attention, cultivating awareness in the little moments and honoring all the big and little pieces of our daily life.

Simply, SMIGs stands for: Success, Magic Moments, Intentions, & Gratitude. The little ‘s’ at the end reminds me to keep it small to take small steps ! This exercise brings you into the now and let’s us see what we’ve done as well as honoring the beauty in the little moments of our day that are worth remembering.

Here’s a photo of my SMIGs exersice in my journal. Notice the contents of my “create-anywhere kit” a fold down wash bag which includes soft gel gloss, paint brush, palette knife, C’aran dash water soluble and non water soluble crayons, lots of pens and little post-it notes. I put together these supplies so I can create anywhere and stay in my creative painting flow even when I am away from my studio.

SMIGs sample I wrote in my journal on this last trip...

Wednesday August 15th 2007- Deb’s Journal Entry camping along the Nahanni River, North West Territories, Canada

Success – Did Qi Gong and yoga in the morning. Wrote 3 morning pages. Canoed a lot!

Magic moments – Absorbing the natural earth energy during my Qi Gong practice, Soaking in the natural hot springs by the river (awesome!), had a nice little nap on the raft on the way down the river, enjoyed being in Keri’s raft – laughing, singing & telling jokes. Collecting special rocks with Matt on shore.

Intentions for tomorrow – drinks lots of water, write 3 morning pages, stretch, enjoy the experience.

Gratitude – great dinner, beautiful scenery, being with my Dad and my man, health, love, life, my journal.

You could make it simpler and write just one thing for each section.