New work : Faux Encaustica Series

Good morning! My daughter is sleeping in so I thought I’d tell you about some of the new pieces I am working on in my “Faux Encaustica Series”. Well, first off I must say these paihntings are the most fun ever.. EVerytime I go in my studio and take a peek at these pieces I get little shiverse of exciment…hmmm….what am I going to do next? Such fun!

Often in the mornings I go into my studio and re-bound (jump up and down on a small trampoline playing some funky music – my late favorite is a Jimmy Cliff album I have on my ipod that starts out with “Wonderful World, Beautiful People”. So I jump and sing outloud sometimes and look at these paintings and figure out my next step.

Here I am in the studio with Ruthie (4) and all the Faux Encaustica series paintings in progress! It’s great to be working on canvas again. We’ll see how things pieces evolve!

This technique is all about using acrylics and acrylic mediums to beautifully imitate encaustic art (wax). I took a workshop with Nancy Reyner in March of this year and learned all about combining and using Golden products such as Soft Gel, Heavy Gel, Matte Medium, Gloss Medium, GAC 800 and all sorts of other ingredients to create the wax look. Nancy is a Golden Working Artist so along with learning a lot about the Golden products we all received a ton of free samples! Nancy teaches all over the US. It’s a great workshop I recommend.

Here is the first completed piece in the series which for me I called “Staying Connected” because what I am learning from these paintings is the sheer joy and fun of being in the moment - connected fully to my creativity and the process of creating. These paintings are truly a reflection of connecting with the playful kid inside me.

First completed painting in this series, Staying Connected, 24” x 24” , mixed media, acrylics and collage. Deb Chaney 2007. Original For Sale $850 Visa/Mst Accepted (805) 403-9870