Raw Expression - show announcement

August 3, 2007.

We are pleased to announce RAW EXPRESSION a new series of paintings on paper by Deb Chaney.
View all 18 new works at www.debchaney.com

August 1 – 25th, 2007 the Sojourner Café
134 E Canon Perdido St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101

A WOMAN’S EMOTIONS….RAW, HEARTFELT, AND EXPLOSIVE can take many paths and express much energy. In this series, mixed media artist Deb Chaney allows her inner self the unrestricted freedom to express as she has never done before.

Deep radiant reds and the use of contrasts illuminate the power and vitality behind this work. “Each piece in the series started with a thought written in paint on the paper.” The words are then devoured by layers of red, black and white papers, and mixed media to create the texture and vibrancy of the finished abstract image.

Provocative, playful or expressing a deeper consideration, Deb just puts it out there and lets her intuition guide her. “It’s about taking risks and trusting the process. If I’m feeling cross or naughty, I just go with it. My job is to set the intention and then allow the creative process to flow through me”.

Deb’s work transforms spirited thoughts and emotions into stirring visual form in bold and imaginative ways.
Originals are 22” x 30” mixed media, acrylics, collage and unframed on 300 lb paper and $1500 ea. For original sales inquiries please call Megan Hvrada Havrda (805) 637-3670 or MeganHavrda@hotmail.com. Visa and MasterCard as well as personal checks are accepted. All California sales subject to 7.75% Sales Tax.
All images can all be viewed online at http://www.debchaney.com/.

Prints, posters, magnets, tote bags and much more with Deb’s art images are available for sale - Raw Expression paintings images on them as well as some of her past work at: www.cafepress.com/debchaney.

Deb’s best selling image “Valley of Hearts” is now available in small and large prints at: http://www.cafepress.com/debchaney/3385059.

Deb’s Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women is now available as PDF format for easy download to your computer. Or buy the real book at: http://www.trafford.com/4dcgi/view-item?item=1504

For stories, artist commentary, details on how the paintings were created and more please visit Deb’s blogspot at http://debchaney.blogspot.com/.

THANK YOU ! None of this would be possible without the help and support of so many people including; My husband, Matty-baby for first off triggering many of the emotions that I channeled into these paintings, for building my kick-ass studio, and loving me fully for the woman I am. My daughter Ruthie Firefly for being the little spark you are. For Pete Moraites, for allowing me to vent and cry and be frustrated and suggesting that I take these emotions to my paintings. To Patsy Flemming for your amazing work which truly set something off in me. For saying “fuck” when I first met you and melting that ice right away. Katja, Alice Marie, Patou- I love you women! Tammi for all the work you did in setting up www.cafepress.com/debchaney and updating http://www.debcreative.com/. Megan for being the woman you are and playing a key role with art sales. Thank you! My creative coach Shirley who is helping me co-create the truly great artist I am meant to be. To Peggy McInerty for re-juicing my batteries with Raiki, CST, and Shiatsu. I am so blessed to have your grounding support. For Lana Grow for your heartfelt love, support, teaching, mentoring, inspiration, encouragement, and friendship. To Ann Baldwin for your phenomenal workshop in collage, your kind words and encouragement. Jill Badonsky for listening when I needed an ear and allowing me to process how I self-sabotage. Lisa Saanich for listening to me process myself, my work, my life on our hikes and for letting me experience baby Julian’s beautiful little spirit along with us. Alyson Stanfield, yes we have only talked once thus far, but your website alone has given me sooo much. Can’t wait to work together in October. Miss. Dr. Jenn Waterhouse. I am so proud of you, of us, following our dreams. I am so thankful for you being here in my life for over 20 years!!! To Marcel, the Big Bad Business guy. Thank you for being the man that you are and being part of my support team. And, to the mountains, beaches and trees of this beautiful City of Santa Barbara. The natural beauty feeds my soul and replenishes my spirit. I am so grateful having all of your support, I could not have done this alone.
From my heart, Thank you!!