Art Marketing & Buz Mgt update

Progress on Marketing/Business side of being an artist. Yes, I'd rather be in the studio. But I also want to get my work out there and I'm willing to do what it takes....

Here's some of my Success so far!
1. Got credit card processing. Decided on Intuit services for QB b/c they have remote online terminal access and I can do it all through QB. Yay! This was a big step.
2. Sent art show announcement – next time will use BCC function as suggested by Ann B ( Thank you!)
3. Got an email from a photography student who could take new picts of me in my studio for the brochure and website. WE will meet in August when I get back.:)
4. Reconciled accounts in QB, paid invoices owing.
5. Went through the marketing to do list!

Current To do list that I will look at when I am back from our Canada/Alaska vacation:

  1. Continue building the new database in ACT!
  2. Continue uploading images and setting up to sell prints, posters, mugs and t-shirts based on my art images.
  3. Research sites for high quality art prints (get site names from Tammi again)
  4. Make a meeting date with my web woman regarding:New 2007 Raw Expression BrochureWebsites for just art – add more images, add more productsHtml newsletter template – either Tam helps me or someone else
  5. Find someone who can build a CMS (Content mgt system) website for me that I can upload myself. And Overall website update/re-vamp
  6. Blog thoughts -Put up dashboard ( got the images from Tam, need to upload)Learn how to create side snippets ( really like the favorite books Claudine Hellmuth put on her blog)
    Create a blog schedule and decide how many times/week I will add things.
  7. New 2007 'Raw Expression' Brochure - Choose 8 favourite imagesRe-write Feng Shui and art relative to Raw Expression paintings
  8. NewsletterKeep adding ideasTalk to Tam about template that mimics websiteFind out where I could get snippet little facts about artThink about different sections to write about: creative inspiration, mixed media painting techniques, events/shows, other.
  9. Research if I can convert digital images to slides? Find online sight
  10. Talk to Troy about making a poster with Emerging and Vof H images & ask him about slides.
  11. Application for 3 art organizations Lana mentioned ( get 2 other apps)
    Find out date for entry to SB and LA Art organization
  12. Call Natural History Museum about Art walk show in September
  13. Learn how to write a kick-ass query letter to submit to galleries – choose 3 galleries to submit to. Maybe pick up the Artists Market book.
  14. Organize binder with promotional tools, tips and resources for art marketing.
  15. Prioritize this list (!) - do on next blog, (OK, list still needs to be prioritized but at least I went through it!)
  16. Breathe!!! (most important thing here!)