The 68 Secrets of an Illuminated Artist (E-Book Download)

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Have a creative dream or project that you’re stuck on?

Use these 68 simple prompts to get started, overcome your current block, keep going, and achieve completion with your creative project.

Having trouble staying focused on your project? Want to figure out a way to stay inspired? Thinking of using some tools to help yourself?

You’re not alone.

The 68 Secrets of an Illuminated Artist is a downloadable e-book that will help you transform your current project or creative dream from standstill into motion. It contains over 68 prompts that guide and support you compassionately, playfully, and intelligently to take your project from start to completion.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • When to stop and when to keep going, finding balance in your creative endeavours.

  • What habits and mindset successful artists embody to achieve success even when they are struggling with obstacles.

  • How to get inspired and make it fun when you’re out of ideas or have lost momentum for your project.

Here’s What’s You’ll Get

  • The SMIGLs ritual I use every night to re-enforce progress and feel good about myself and my projects.

  • 10 prompts specifically created to inspire you to get started

  • 3 prompts that are sure fire magic when you are creatively blocked

  • Over 68 prompts you can pull on anytime and anywhere to support you in reaching your creative goal. 

  • Guidance you can apply to do on a daily, weekly and yearly basis to keep your creative project going and stay inspired in the process


“The 68 Secrets of an Illuminated Artist” cards are a fantastic tool of inspiration offering direction and encouragement to keep you on the right track.  As an artist, whenever I find myself hitting a creative block, I look to the cards for guidance – they remind me that just one little step will get me that much further in my process!” - Kirsten Courtland, Interior Designer

“The Illuminate the Artist Within card pack is a practical tool that can be used daily to help people keep moving through stuckness. The card deck can also help people by introducing new perspectives that are an important part of the creative process. I think this deck is especially useful for people who are new to letting their creativity come alive.” Kim Boivin, physiotherapist

“ Wow I love these cards...when I get 'stuck' I spread out the cards on the table and randomly pick's always the ‘right’ one...and once again I am re-connected to myself and the Flow of Creativity.” – Tim Sullivan, Artist