Custom LED Back-List Reproductions Now Available


I am so happy and grateful announce my new partnership with Design Illumination. Together we are now offering you Custom LED Back-Lit Reproductions of my Artwork for your living, working and healing spaces. The Design Illumination Showroom located at 2008 Clark Drive Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 3G7. For orders and inquiries please contact Ken Edgar, Illumination Specialist, Phone 604 626 6921 Email #custom #healing #spaces

'Simplicity' Original Just Sold and Shipped to New Hampshire USA !


This piece ‘Simplicity’ 9" X 12"Mixed Media on Loose Canvas  just found its new home in North Hampton New Hampshire  USA with Ms. Ann F.  who fell in love with the piece. Thank you Ann!

She found this art piece in my Little Gems Series on the @Saatchiart website:  I'm so grateful to have this platform where I can share my work and make connections with new people! 

This Saturday April 6th Come Visit Open Studios!

A glimpse inside my new studio

A glimpse inside my new studio

Finally starting to settle in here and working on some new pieces…. (sneak peak hidden in the above photo!)

Stop by this Saturday for: First Saturday Open Studios at Braid Street Studios. Join 30 artists at Braid Street Studios. Saturday April 6th 12 - 5 pm. Free Event. Free Parking front & rear of building. Deb Chaney is Studio #9. (2nd floor) 100 Braid St. New Westminster, BC V3L 3P4.

This Week at UBC - Healing Fires - Artwork Exhibit by Survivors and Allies


Healing Fires - Artwork Exhibit by Survivors and Allies - on this week . Please join us for the Closing Celebration Party 5-7 pm - Friday March 29th - at the Lev Bukhman Lounge of the The NEST, UBC.  Deb Chaney will be giving a short talk inspired by her painting on exhibit ‘Listen to the Child’ regarding the role of the inner child in our journey healing from trauma.  Event is free and open to the public.

Healing Fires: Art by Survivors and Allies

Exhibit Open - Date & Times: March 26- 29th, 2019. 12- 5 pm

Location: UBC, NEST Room 2314 (map:

Closing Celebration: Friday, March 29th, 5- 7 pm at the Lev Bukhman Lounge, UBC

Other Correlated Events Include:

Wednesday March 27: Art and Mental Health Panel, from 5:00-7:00 pm in the Lev Bukhman Lounge of the NEST UBC Campus, with refreshments and Cartems doughnuts!

Friday March 29: Healing Fires Closing Celebration, from 5:00-7:00pm in the Lev Bukhman Lounge of the NEST UBC Campus. Featuring live music by Missy D! Red Borrowman! Poetry! Cartems doughnuts and free food!

All events are free and open to the public.

This art exhibit and panel is presented by AMS sexual assault support centre at UBC. Website for Sexual abuse support: . Social: FB @amssascubc.  ( The AMSSASC provide free and confidential services to folks of all genders including students, staff, faculty, and those connected to the UBC-Vancouver campus community including: Crisis and short-term emotional support, Support groups and  Advocacy and Accompaniment

About the art exhibit

This exhibit opens the opportunity for artists to share both visually and in words to share their stories and journeys that are a part of their healing journey to their own empowerment with you the view and with  our community at large.

Trauma does not need to break us - it can fuel us as activists and as artists. 

Through the process of creation, we reclaim our voices, working through struggle  and growing towards happiness, individuality, connection and love. 

In viewing these artworks on display, we invite you to consider these questions:

What does it mean to heal?

How can yo honour your own journey?

What would you say to your part and future selves  - how can you be your own best friend?

Once a fire is started, it can become unstoppable. What will you take away from today’s exhibition? An image, an idea, a story? Whatever it is, we hope it sparks empowerment. 

A fire is like an artist, activities, a survivor. Breathing. Growing. Moving. Alive. 

About the ‘Healing Fires’ Exhibit

About the ‘Healing Fires’ Exhibit

I will be giving a short talk at the Friday evening closing celebrations event, inspired by the painting I have on display at this exhibit ‘Listen to the Child’ (shown here below) and the role of the inner child on our healing journey.

‘Listen to the Child’ 60” x 40” x 1.5”. Mixed Media on Canvas Painting (c) All Rights Reserved Deb Chaney

‘Listen to the Child’ 60” x 40” x 1.5”. Mixed Media on Canvas Painting (c) All Rights Reserved Deb Chaney

This original mixed media painting on canvas entitled ‘Listen to the Child’ is one of the most important lessons I learned on my healing journey.  When healing ourselves from trauma we gradually re-connect into our bodies, as compared to the past when it may have been painful to be present.  When we get present, we are more highly attuned to our feelings, and that in particular of our inner child. She has deep wisdom and is here to let us know our needs via feelings - what excites us: do that, go there! What gives us a bad feeling - step back, move away!  Listen, be guided, trust this inner voice leads to our own empowered healing journey.

‘Listen to the Child’   60” x 40” x 1.5”. Mixed Media on Canvas  Painting (c) Deb Chaney Sale Price Original Work $8,350.00. Prints and Gicless Available for Purchase:

Open Studio Event - Saturday March 2nd 2019


Please feel welcome to join me for my first 'First Saturday' Open Studio Event at Braid Street Studios.
We are the biggest artist community outside of Vancouver in a super cool warehouse building (used to be a distillery) in New West. 30 artists. High ceilings. Wood floors. Music - we have an in-house accapella group! And so much love & creativity... I’ve been getting the new studio all set up... Come and see the open studios and meet our artist community (30 artists!) at Braid Street Studios.

-> Saturday March 2nd, 2019.1 2 noon - 5 pm. 
Free Event. Free Parking.
-> Deb Chaney is Studio #9. (2nd floor)  100 Braid St. New Westminster, BC V3L 3P4

'Horizons' Group Show Opening Saturday Feb 16th


Please be welcome to attend the opening for 'Horizons' group show which I'm part of at the Deer Lake Art Gallery. Opening is Saturday Feb 16th at 12 noon. 6584 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby. Big Thank you to Teena Martin for handling the curation and show details. Make it an art & nature day and take a beautiful walk around the adjacent lake. See you there! xo Deb