Rending of Public Artwork Proposal for North Vancouver


This week, tomorrow, on Wednesday September 18th, will be the culmination of a month's work. I'll be presenting a public art proposal, my first ever, to a Vancouver developer.

The Proposal is to have four of my artworks rendered into hand-painted Portuguese tiles and adhered to the side of the residential development in North Vancouver. Each panel would be approximately 16 feet by 10 feet.
The image you're seeing from my computer, is the rendering of what the final installation would look like. It would be one of a from all the research have done on public art there's nothing else like this in the Vancouver area!

Whether I'm selected or not, for me this journey is a win. I've stretched and grown myself beyond what I ever thought was possible as an artist. I am honoured to have the opportunity to have explored this idea and to present it this week to a panel of architects, public art specialists, engineers & developers. I am beyond grateful for every single person that's helped & supportrd me to figure out the budget, the timeline, how to ship tiles from Portugal, what would be required to install the tiles, and all the other details that have to come together for this project. Thank you for all my close friends, my business associates, and those of you on social media that answered my questions along the journey.

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