Do you know any movie stars who buy contemporary abstract art?

The new website is in process....yeah, yeah, yeah  JM I can hear you voice saying it's only been over a year!!! But when its done you can show all your movie star friends. (ha!)

Anyways,  here it is, my ultimate career success vision board of the dream painting studio - lots of light, wood, high ceilings, surrounded by trees and nature and quiet, lots of time to paint, play and create with additional space for teaching. 

Surrounding the studio is where I envision my work selling - to collectors including movie stars  and exhibiting in galleries all over the world - NY, LA, SF, London, Toyko, Vancouver, Paris, and Reykavik ( I need an excuse to get back to Iceland!).

I also made a dream vision board for my homestead and family life but there are a few more images I want to find and add...So i'll post that when I'm done.

Vision boards are a fun way to create and attract what you want in your life, just like they talked about in The Secret movie. You made one lately? Do share! ( I just changed the comments settings so anyone can share, you don't have to have a google account :))