Details of January's Vancouver Public Library Talk " Illuminate The Artist Within"

Wednesday January 18th, 2012 marked my first public presentation which was entitled "Illuminate the Artist Within" and held at downtown Vancouver public library. We had a head count attendance of 105 people with a full room. I want to give special thanks to Amber Ritchie for setting up the event, Drew Hutchinson for recording it, and my friend David who sold copies of The Little Inspiration Book and also Artist of British Columbia, Vol 3. Thank you all!

The presentation was well received and I have to say the audience was awesome and fully participated and honestly made my job fun and easy!

We discussed what creative dreams we have, what stop us from getting to those dreams, how we can over come those blocks, and lastly the benefits are to ourselves ( and often those around us) of being in creative process.

Funniest part? A young man at the end of the presentation came up, thanked me and asked me to sign his bare chest!!! ( I signed with a ball point but I wish I'd had a sharpie on me!!)

The next day I sat snuggled up on my sofa, opened up my lap top, and read several emails from presentation participants. I'm taking the liberty to post them but I have to admit I did not ask for their permission to re-print these emails but truthfully I was so excited by their comments that I just had to share them here with you...

“Thank you for taking the leap and doing that session - I am one person, and probably not the only person, who made a big leap myself because of it. I've taken that little step you recommend (and will take a little step more often) which was to choose the best paper for a watercolour drawing. And in so doing, stumbled across a little gem of a painting of my little cat that I had forgotten I'd done. It hadn't turned out as I wanted it to, last spring, and tonight I fell in love with it. “ - Kathryn

“I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your talk tonight at the library. Well done - you were amazing!!! Fear plays such a prominent role in the lives of people and it is so important to address it. You have great energy and I know you are the teacher for me. As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, after having been to your recent Opus demo, I will be taking the beginner's weekend course with you.” - Adrien

“Thanks again for bringing such a wonderful program to our Library. It was a terrific turn-out, and the audience was very appreciative – one gentleman told me to keep an eye on Vancouver’s creative output, because you just lit some fires! I know I’m going to make use of your tips myself!” Amber Ritchie, Community Relations Librarian, Vancouver Public Library, Central Library

If you missed the talk, it is be posted on youtube here:

Deb Chaney: Illuminate the Artist Within Presentation Part 1 -

Deb Chaney: Illuminate the Artist Within Presentation Part 2 -

Deb Chaney: Illuminate the Artist Within Presentation Part 3 -

Deb Chaney: Illuminate the Artist Within Presentation Part 4 -