Art and Money - taking care of business


Pure Abstraction Series

36 x 36 x 3/4 "

Mixed media, acrylics, sand, & oil on canvas

© Deb Chaney 2009

Original Available

Feng Shui Recommendation: Placed anywhere in your home/office this painting image supports children and creativity. To further enhance your possibility of having children or to support existing children – including your inner child – place this piece in the center right hand portion of your room or house. Please refer to the Feng Shui section at (coming soon) for more details.

(PS the photo image displayed here is pretty crap as I took it on my iphone. Sit tight. I'll have a better photo at some point. & will put on the new up and coming website -yeeehaaaa!!! :))

A month or so ago I took a tour of Emily Carr University to get a sense of the place and art school itself, as I’ve never been to art school.. I thought it was interesting when we passed the Finance Offices that the tour guide, a student at the University, comments were; “Oh money, that’s boring, moving on.”

Well, perhaps Daddy’s paying her way through art school or she got a big grant but for those of us who are in a situation of having to be accountable for our finances - make art and money work- well it might be challenging, but its certainly not boring.

Something I’ve been doing for a year or more now that really works for me in this arena, is what I call “Monday is Money Management Day”. It’s a regular thing that every Monday I pay attention to my finances and improve in some way. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Reconciling my hand written register against the paper bank statement. (Yes, in order to do this I do keep track of every expense in paper register). The great thing about this is it gives me a sense of where my money is going to, coming in from and more often that I’d hope, I catch bank errors or false credit card charges.
  • Filing all paperwork concerning finances. I have a big binder for my personal and art business related finances. In each binder or dividers for paperwork ranging from bank statements, to income receipts, to anything at all related to finances for the year of the binder. I make a new binder each year.
  • Paying bills, credit cards – this one’s obvious. But I keep all of my outstanding bills in a folder and do them on my Money Management Day so I’m not doing this all the time, just Mondays.
  • Taking care of tax and money related things – forms, sales tax.

As well as the weekly management tasks something that I do as part of being a financially empowered person, artist, woman, and mother is to take small steps in further educating myself about money – money management, investing, and taxes. It doesn’t matter what I’m learning as long as its up to date, relevant and helping me to grow and become more empowered in my finances. Here are some resources I’ve explored or am currently in process listening/watching/reading...

Sometimes I don’t get to everything on my list done if that Monday is particular busy day. No worries. Friday is “Follow Up Friday”. So I slot it for Friday and finish up the loose ends.