Homemade Valentines Cards

Make your sweetheart something special this year - simple home made, hand made, valentines cards. With thought care and love your sweetie knows you spent the time on them. No commercial bling bling! Just love, care and your creativity. :)

What you need:

Coloured & textured papers of all types - hand made stained tissue and other papers, pre- purchased scrap booking papers, decorative papers, doily's, sheets of music all work nicely.

Glue - I like golden regular gel, you could use Elmer's glue or YES glue too.

Palette knife or foam brush - to apply the glue.

Sheet of plastic - use it to place over the image when its glued and put a book or something heavy over top

Blank gift cards (you can buy bulk packs at Michaels really cheap) or even a little 5 x 7 Artist Trading Cards work well for something unique! - glue the papers on these in your own way.

Stamps with words such as 'love you' and so on, can also make a nice addition to your card art.

Paint pens - a fun way to write your little love note.

Glitter glue or sparkles - always fun additions to embelish any creation.

Ruthie and I had fun making a big old mess on the floor, cutting pasting and designing our own
little creations. I got super inspired and made a little one for each child in her grade one class.

Works well if you glue your images down and then cover them with that sheet of plastic and put a book or something on top over night.

Have Fun. Happy Valentines Day.