Corporate Painting Party

This blog is for the brilliant, fun and enthusiastic employees at NewCorp in Burnaby, BC where I had the honor to join them for a staff painting party and facilitate some acrylic painting! My intention was for them to have fun and get a bit messy. What can I say I'm a fan of  splattering paint around! Mission was definitly accomplished!

I figured they could 'pull' any photos off of themselves that they liked and that it would be a great memory to come back to. I mean, have you ever heard of a corporation letting their employees take time off, buying them a bunch of canvases and cool acrylic paint colours, and letting them get creative for a few hours with pizza and tunes for a few hours? Man, this company seems very progressive. thanks so much for having me - special thanks for Traci for organizing.

Starting out with clean white canvases, things changed pretty quickly.

Looking down on the beginnings of a few masterpieces!

The group started off by each choosing one colour and adding some white (tinting) and some black (sahding) to their colour to create different hues, do some mixing, and begin to get into their painting groove.

All different paintings began to emerge quite quickly!

I was surprised by how much many of the men got super into the painting! It was awesome to witness. :-)
Keep noticing that little landscape painting!

Watch for this landscape painting in further pictures. I swear thsi guy must have watched a ton of Bob Ross Videos! He had finished a beautiful landscape piece by the end of our session!

Keep noticing the little landscape painting in the corner.

Happy colours painting!

What great memories. Beautiful people in their creative groove!

Our fabulous man in black, Darren!

Mr. "School of hard knocks" dripping his painting over the garbage can!!!

Every one worked on 1-2 little 10 x 10" canvases.

Scroll down to see these flowers evolve later. The Artist did a beautiful job!

Garbage bags made excellent painting aprons!

My goal is achieved, things are getting messy now!!!

Couldn't resist taking a photo of this gentleman painting at his desk next to his keyboard and computer!

First set of paintings were put under the table to dry as they started their second canvas.

A Jackson Pollock drip painting emerged!

This was my favourite part of the afternoon.. the group began working on a joint/group painting! Scroll down and see the progression of the painting!

The group painting kept evolving! It was the star of the painting show. So much fun watching everyone get so involved!

Thank you so much for having me out for the afternoon NewCorp Burnaby!!!