The ARC Uncommon Vision Show


JUNE 8th, 9th, 10th 2012

Fri & Sat: Opening Parties + Night Gallery 7pm - 12am
Sat & Sun: Day Gallery + Open Studios  12pm - 5pm
ARC Gallery:  1701 Powell Street @ Commercial map


The ARC, one of the only live work artist buildings in Vancouver, has been providing provocative "Uncommon" group exhibitions since 2003. It is a great way to see some truly local art.

With part of the proceeds going to Studio 101, an East Side Culture Crawl young artists’ initiative, this is an event that resonates with creativity and community spirit. “The ARC is an integral part of the Eastside Culture Crawl and a much-loved part of the community. It was particularly generous of the residents there to make Studio 101 a recipient of partial proceeds from Uncommon Thread 2011. We are very grateful that they have offered to do so again this year." (Jeffrey Boone, Executive Director of the Eastside Culture Crawl)

During the annual East Side Culture Crawl, the ARC has always been a destination building.  A dynamic residence of nearly eighty artists of multiple disciplines, home to some and a launch pad for others, this environment creates a stimulating culture for new and explorative art.

The Uncommon Vision show is the East Side "crawlers"  fix to get them through the 12-month gap, and the artists are eager to supply, with only their most pure
and potent works.  

Contact: Karen Moe /

Artists in Our MIdsts 2012 Open Studio at Laura Jewitt's

This year marked the Artists in our Midsts 20th Anniversary show, both our opening night show downtown at the Roundhouse Community Center in Yaletown and also our 3 day Open Studio Event where I had the honor to show my work at Laura Jewitt's store. 

A HUGE Special Thanks to Jon and Laura at Laura K Jewitt's Jewelry Store on West 10th Ave here in Vancouver for hosting myself and Marion Webber for the AIOM (Artists In Our Midsts) 2012 Open Studio Show and Sale over the May long weekend. What a wonderul experience hanging out with AWESOME people. A Special thanks also to Linda our "drag queen" (!!!) who brought even more customers in, to Bailey for encouraing people to sign up for the draw, and to Marjory for helping to process sales of gift cards, note pads and Little Gems .

And of course to Laura the Marketing Queen - everyone just LOVED your goodie bags. What a great idea. Thank you so much for all your efforts on behalf of Marion and myself!

Looking at the front entrance to the store. Raw Expression original paintings on paper in the corner, the two matching pink 'Romance' pieces each next to the front door. And a portion of Marion's river series, beautiful oil paintings - more to come in the next photos.

Jon keeping an eye out. You can see Mystic Places painting  in the center background - as of now that painting is still available. Click here for a close up view of Mystic Places:

 Two paintings are seen here, on the left "Breathing Space" (SOLD) and "Leaping into the Unknown" which is still available as of the date of this blog. Click here to see it up close and personal:

 Marion Webber glowing in the happiness of having sold several large beautiful oil paintings over the course of the weekend. Go Marion!

 One of our 300+ visitors that stopped by over the weekend and enjoyed tea, lemonade and a bunch of treats. Marion's beautiful flowers here in the background.

 Love this center series of Marion's trees, it reminds me of the interior of BC and makes me think of the small of pine needles and that good feeling I have when I'm camping and just being in nature.

 Jon and myself posing in front of Marion's  beautiful artworks.

Raw Expression series up close and accesible. 

 Table display with the AIOM sign out front in viting customers to come on in!

 In front of Laura's store. On the left IBHF ( see this painting up close at:
and to the right of the front entrance "Vermont in a Snowstorm" ( this painting up close:

 uh oh... Laura... I think you missed that lady!!!!

 Jon hangin' with my yoga girls!

 Jon and myself in front of "Breathing Space" painting. 

 Marion and myself in front of her work.

 Celebrating with champagne at the end! Wonderful weekend. Friends were made. Art sold. Good times enjoyed by all! Thank you so much Jon and Laura!

Deb Chaney Art Home Show Pictures

Photos taken byAnurag Bansal and David Bozzini from the art home show. Special thanks to
both of these wonderful men for taking photos. Also, thank you for Jack Mohr of Artamo Gallery for stopping by - this was an honor. April for a beautiful job on the food and musical interludes. Matthew-san for driving all the way down from San Francisco! Dad, thanks for your supportive email. I am blessed to know you all and receive your applause and support. Thank you.