Artist Date: exploring an antique shop

This week I wanted to share a few photos I snapped when I serendipitously found this super cool antique store a few blocks from where I live - downtown east side of vancouver. The whole store and it's layout were fun and inspiring to explore and there were a few items that really caught my eye. Enjoy the photos of my little artist date.

Outside the first thing and caught my eye were the wrought iron gates.

Peeking in through the large wooden main doors lots of treasures to see!

Lots of buddhas and cement status of chinese/tibetan looking people :)

Need the letter 'P' or a buddha head? they've got it.

Brightly coloured old chinese looking chest of drawers.

Looking down from upstairs and a zillion chandeliers.

Love these saddle type wooden stools, baskets and wooden buckets.

This chair looks like a regular chair in this photo but it's actually doll sized. Super cute.

Good old coca cola vintage memorabilia.

Like the look of this place and want to visit?
Here's the scoop:

Antique Market
Warehouse Sales
1324 Fraklin Street
East Vancouver