The Ultimate Artist Date: New York City

In March this year, I had the priveledge to stay in my friend's apartment in Manhattan for a few days and go and play in New York ! Honestly, there are a zillion guide books and many many of my facebook friends told me what to see, where to go, where to eat, and so many things to do that it could make your head spin. The city alone could do that anyways, minus the lists and suggestions from books and your friends. But for an artist date the goal is to get out to somewhere new, with myself, and preferably with no agenda --- and I have to say that New York City is the ultimate destination to do just this.

So here we go, a few shots from my "New York Artist Date" random wanderings around and exploring. Never been happier. Never have I fell deeper in love with any city. And yes, I want to go back!

Could'nt find a tofu street hot dog ( they have plenty downtown Vancouver) but I couldn't resist snapping this picture as it's definetly part of NY culture these food vendors on the side walk.

This reminded me of all those scenes in movies where the hero or the heroin is stuck in traffic trying to get to the loved one at the last minute!

If I lived here I would for sure have roof top bbq parties
and invite friends over to dine with a city view.

My never ending fascination with brownstone city buidlings - so tall!

Gum or cigarettes anyone? it's all right here on the street corner.
Gotta love these tiny street side stores. super cool.

Times Square.

Times Square, even better at night.

Couldn't resist. I have to say I got super sucked into the tourist " I heart NY" stuff.
I lusted after the shirt, the hat, the magnet... All the stuff I usually avoid when I visit a city, but New York is just so amazing, I wanted to declare my love with souvenirs!

Random artist's work in a retail clothing ship. Could not stop myself for sneaking in and taking a pic. LIked the art better than the clothes at this place! :)

Darn, I wish I could remember the name of this store. It was like a chinese dollar store but the stuff was higher end. More like IKEA meets china town. Super cool trinkets, nick nacks, house wares and more. I could have spent several hours there! ( its in SOHO --- If I recall the name I will post it in the blog comments)

Just love the buildings and architecture and who doesn't enjoy the cobbled streets? Charming!

I think this was some sort of street art but I just kind of whizzed passed it to take a super close up look. I like the idea though - really you can have art anywhere. No need for walls or a gallery, just make it on the street. Why not.